Propaganda Throughout History

  • World War 1

    World War 1
    WW1Propaganda used to get people to help fund the war by contributing to the call. You weren't a patriot if you didn't!
  • The Alliance!

    The Alliance!
    Britain and AmericaPropaganda used to show the alliance between the US and Britain was going to impenetrable!
  • Favorites 4

    Favorites 4
    Super hero decor used to show good vs. evil during WW2. Warbond is beating up Hilter. Children were sure to love it.
  • Cold War Propaganda

    Cold War Propaganda
    Only the year was available. This is an interesting comic and education tool, apparently. It represents the tension that people were feeling during the Cold War. It also has an interesting subtle humor to is with what is written on the back board.
  • Israel and YOUR support?

    Israel and YOUR support?
    An interesting take on supporting Israel by supporting the civilized man. Obvious propaganda! Read the bottom caption and you may be suprised. It's quite the tactic to question someones can you not support them? Right?