Project WH By Santiago Nuñez

  • Mass Culture: Radio

    One day a guy named Marconi discovred wireless radio and motion pictures this began in 1890
  • Artistic and Literacy Trends

    Artistic and Literacy Trends
    The art in this age was very surrealism and very wird
  • More Goods, More Leisure

    More Goods, More Leisure
    Here the time that people work a day was 8 hours becase the sports and activities were very important
  • Female Function in the WW2

    Female Function in the WW2
    When the WW2 start women work like in restaurants or operators etc. But when the war was more advances women start working in things of the war like with wepons etc
  • The Bombing Of Cities: Britain

    The Bombing Of Cities: Britain
    The 19 of September of 1940 Hitler order to destoy with bombs Britain this explotions caused a lot of damage and killed a lot of people
  • Movilization of People: Japan

    Movilization of People: Japan
    The japanise goverment tried to control wagers, prices and labors. Many young were listen to them
  • Mobilization of people: Germany

    Mobilization of people: Germany
    Hitler order a big increse in armament and army
  • The Atomic Bomb

    The Atomic Bomb
    The Atomic Bomb cost 2 millions , thiswas created by a guy named Albert Einstein and in it worked 600, 000 people.
  • The Bombing of Germany

    The Bombing of Germany
    Then Britain order to destoy Germany because they think that with that they would win
  • Movilization of Germany: Soviet UnIon

    Movilization of Germany: Soviet UnIon
    The Soviet Union was the only usin women for the war also they win the battle of machines with a lot of tanks
  • Movilization of People: US

    Movilization of People: US
    They were like the countries that made arms and armament to the aliies places the made a lot of arms and armament
  • The Bombing of Cities: Japan

    The Bombing of Cities: Japan
    USA order to bomber Japan, this was the strongest bombing in he war this destroyed many important industries in Japan
  • Yalta Conference

    Yalta Conference
    The three powers met again in Yalta Russia first porpuse was to create a united nation
  • Postdam Conference

    Postdam Conference
    Trauman and Stalin demanded the free elections of the Eastern Europe because they were going to be in comunist power
  • Unesco and traditional music

    Unesco and traditional music
    The UNESCO's first porpouse was the esducation, also they want to rescue the traditional music.
  • Rivalry in Europe

    Rivalry in Europe
    The USA and Great Britain puposed that was better that the western Europe chose their goverment but the Soviet Union oposed to the purpose because they dont want that the Western Europe become Anti Soviet
  • New strugle

    New strugle
    Many in the west thougt Soviet policy was part of wide comunist conspiration. Germany also divide in two sides
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    This plan would bring money to Grece, this starrded in USA by Truman
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    The general Marshall's plan was that the truman doctrine needs to be followed by Europe
  • New military alliances

    New military alliances
    NATO was an alliance formed by many countries with USA and Canada
  • Division of Germany

    Division of Germany
    Afteer the ww2 Germany was divided by the allies in 4 parts USA Soviet union France Berlin was located in Soviet Union
  • The arms race

    The arms race
    Soviet Union ans the USA were in a fight to know which place was better arsenal
  • The War Industries in Time of Peace

    The War Industries in Time of Peace
    The USA have the first place in arms and armament this is because the technology and the advances of countrie but in this time this technology has to be used in goods
  • The contrast between wealth and poverty

    The contrast between wealth and poverty
    John M. Keynes said that financial crises could only be resolved through state control.
  • Cuban crisis missile

    Cuban crisis missile
    John F Kenedy order to invade Cuba because he was against Fidel Castro but that invasion was a disaster
  • Enviroment Problems

    Enviroment Problems
    The industralization came enviromental problems, Because they take out material from the nature
  • Diversity of Ideas

    Diversity of Ideas
    The people were expresing their feelings
  • A Wall in Berlin

    A Wall in Berlin
    Bernin made a wall in one day because they want to protect against comunism