• Period: 250 to 900


    Location; Central America Accomplishment; they also had a government structure that was like the feudal system.
  • Period: 320 to 550

    Gupta Empire

    Location; South Asia Accomplishment; buddhism had structure that resemble the feudal system.
  • Period: 330 to 1453

    Byzantine Empire

    Location;Europe Accomplishment; For about 700 years the Constantinople city was said to be the richest in the Mediterranean.
  • Period: 618 to

    Imperial China

    Location; East Asia Accomplishment; There was many different governments but the best was the Meritocracy where they had to prove themselves.
  • Period: 632 to 1258

    Muslim Empire

    Location;Arabia Accomplishment;each one of there leaders had a different way to run the place but they all sucked.
  • Period: 794 to


    Location; East Asia Accomplishment; They took meritocracy from the Chinese.
  • Period: 800 to

    Holy Roman Empire

    Location; Europe. Accomplishment; They used the feudal system as there form of government.
  • Period: 830 to 1235


    Location;West Africa Accomplishment; Ruled by a king that ruled almost all, like religion, military, and justice system.
  • Period: 1226 to


    Location; West Africa Accomplishment; Mail was made from it being taken over.
  • Period: 1345 to 1521


    Location; Central America Accomplishment; they used tribute to make there empire so no forced jobs.
  • Period: 1430 to


    Location; West Africa Accomplishment;They had choose leaders that would line up with their religion.
  • Period: 1483 to 1533


    Location; South America Accomplishment; The government had also had almost the feudal system.