Progressive Presidents

  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt
    Theodore Roosevelt elected president
  • Panama Canal

    T.R. fosters revolution in Panama. A canal is contrusted in order to connect the Atlantic and the pacific.
  • Election

    Roosevelt beats conseritive demorcrat alton parker. T.R. begins his second term as president
  • Howard Taft

    Howard Taft
    Roosevelts presidency ends. His hand picked successor William Howard Taft begins his term as president. Taft belived in law over politics and created an opening for democrats.
  • Anti trust

    Anti trust policy is created. This creates better controll of trusts and monopolies.
  • 1912

    Election between Woodrow wilsion and Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt had already said he would not try for a third term in office. Because he had changed his mind John Schrank had shot TR oustide of his hotel. Roosevelt srvived for the bullet did more damage to his speech, but he had still lost the election.
  • Wilson

    Woodrow Wilison becomes president with the help of political machines. However he had called political machines a "selfish busniess" during his campain speech.
  • Federal reserve act

    Federal reserve act. The central banking system of the US now had the authority to issue federal reserve notes and use federal reserve notes as legal tender.
  • End

    Wilson's presidental term comes to and end. Wilson dies of a stroke three years later.