Progressive Era Timeline

By joshhof
  • Women's Club

    General Federation of Women's Clubs founded in the US
  • Period: to

    Progressive Era

  • Inventions

    Inventor Aubrey Eneas founds Solar Motor Company of Boston to build solar-powered motors to replace steam engines powered by coal or wood
  • restrictions

    The Illinois State Supreme Court strikes down a law restricting women's workdays to 8 hours. Two years later, Florence Kelly will be removed from office with the election of a new governor. Similar decisions invalidating workers compensation and labor laws will be made by the courts through the 1930s.
  • Forests

    Forest Management Act authorizes commercial use of public forrests in the United States.
  • River and Harbors Act

    Rivers and Harbors Act (also called the Refuse Act) passed by Congress. The act is primarily aimed at preservation of navigable waters, but under Section 13 it becomes unlawful to throw garbage and refuse into navigable waters except with a Corps of Engineers permit.
  • Mckinley

    William McKinley defeats Bryan in the race for the Presidency.
  • "Teddy" Bear

    While on a hunting trip in Onward, Mississippi, President Theodore Roosevelt declines to shoot a young bear that had been tied to a tree to give him an easy shot. The incident was depicted in a cartoon two days later in the Washington Post ("Drawing the line in Mississippi") and when an enterprising New York shopkeeper created a "Teddy" bear, the idea caught on.
  • Roosevelt

    President Theodore Roosevelt creates first National Bird Preserve
  • FDA

    The Federal Food and Drug Act creates FDA to regulate the adulteration and misrepresenting of foods and drugs.
  • Bird Act

    Migratory Bird Act to regulate hunting runs into controversy; spring hunting and marketing of hunted birds prohibited