Progressive Era

  • Tuskegee Institute

    Tuskegee Institute
    fully black institute
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    Immigration Suspension to the United States
  • Interstate Commerce Act

    Interstate Commerce Act
    granted the U.S. Congress to have the power to regulate railroad rates
  • Jane Addams-Hull House

    Jane Addams-Hull House
    educated women to share all kinds of knowledge
  • Sherman Antitrust Act

    Sherman Antitrust Act
    ruled that free competition among those engaged in commerce
  • Plessy V. Ferguson

    Plessy V. Ferguson
    The court ruled that racial segregation laws did not violate the U.S. constitution as long as everything was equal lasted 1 month
  • Muckrackers

    American writers exposing the writing
  • McKinley Assassinated

    McKinley Assassinated
    President McKinley was assassinated
  • Coal Miner Strike-1902

    Coal Miner Strike-1902
    Where on strike for higher wages, shorter workdays, and recognition of their union
  • Ida Tarbell-“The History of Standard Oil”

    Ida Tarbell-“The History of Standard Oil”
    book exposing the Standard oil company
  • The Jungle Published

    The Jungle Published
    a novel that portrays the harsh lives of immigrants in Chicago
  • Food and Drug Act

    Food and Drug Act
    consumer protection laws that led to the creation of the FDA
  • Federal Meat Inspection Act

    Federal Meat Inspection Act
    prohibited the sale of adulterated or misbranded livestock and derived products as food
  • Teddy Roosevelt’s- Square Deal

    Teddy Roosevelt’s- Square Deal
    three major goals: conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection
  • Roosevelt-Antiquities Act

    Roosevelt-Antiquities Act
    Protection and creation of National parks
  • Taft Wins

    Taft Wins
    Taft won residency over William Jennings Bryan
  • Muller v. Oregon

    Muller v. Oregon
    women were provided by the state for fewer work hours than men
  • 16th Amendment

    16th Amendment
    income tax without appointing it by the states
  • NAACP formed

    NAACP formed
    civil rights organization for African Americans
  • Niagara Movement

    Niagara Movement
    organization of black rights activists which demanded political, civil, and social rights for African Americans
  • Urban League

    Urban League
    Organization for African American economic and social justice
  • Triangle Shirtwaist fire

    Triangle Shirtwaist fire
    the deadliest industrial disaster to happen in NYC
  • Wilson Elected

    Wilson Elected
    beat Taft and Roosevelt
  • Department of Labor Established

    Department of Labor Established
    the department responsible for occupational safety and health
  • Federal Reserve Act

    Federal Reserve Act
    Created the federal reserve system
  • Underwood-Simmons Tariff

    Underwood-Simmons Tariff
    reduced duties on imports
  • 17th Amendment

    17th Amendment
    2 senators will be chosen by the people for each state instead of legislature
  • Federal trade Commission

    Federal trade Commission
    branch of government that main mission is to promote consumer protection
  • Federal Trade Commission Act

    Federal Trade Commission Act
    outlawed unfair methods of competition
  • Clayton Antitrust Act

    Clayton Antitrust Act
    added further substance U.S antitrust law regime
  • Trench Warfare

    Trench Warfare
    fighting a war in tranches
  • Booker T. Washington

    Booker T. Washington
    adviser to many presidents between 1880 and 1915 and was a dominant leader of the African American community
  • W.E.B. Dubois

    W.E.B. Dubois
    civil rights activist and pan-Africanist
  • The Birth of a Nation (1915)

    The Birth of a Nation (1915)
    A racist movie about the KKK
  • Rise of KKK (early 20th century)

    Rise of KKK (early 20th century)
    a group that organized and directed violence towards the White and Black Rebublican leaders
  • Jim Crow Laws

    Jim Crow Laws
    segregation laws
  • Lusitania sunk

    Lusitania sunk
    The UK-registered ocean liner was torpedoed by imperial German
    Nazy U-boat
  • Wilson Asks for War

    Wilson Asks for War
    Willson asks to send troops into battle during WWI
  • Zimmerman Telegram

    Zimmerman Telegram
    a secret diplomatic communication issued from the German Foreign Office
  • Espionage Act

    Espionage Act
    stopped from obtaining information, recording pictures, or copying descriptions
  • Hammer v. Dagenhart

    Hammer v. Dagenhart
    struck down the law regarding child labor
  • Sedition Act

    Sedition Act
    reduced the freedom of speech rights of the U.S. citizen
  • Armistice Day

    Armistice Day
    end of WWI
  • Wilson-Fourteen Points

    Wilson-Fourteen Points
    outlining his vision on ending WWI without further configuration from occurring again
  • 18th amendment

    18th amendment
    started the prohibition of alcohol in the U.S.
  • Versailles Peace Conference

    Versailles Peace Conference
    conference to establish peace after WWI
  • Treaty of Versailles to Senate

    Treaty of Versailles to Senate
    established the League of Nations
  • Wilson Stroke

    Wilson Stroke
    Wilson is paralyzed because of a stroke
  • 19 amendment

    19 amendment
    women right to vote
  • League of Nations

    League of Nations
    first-ever intergovernmental organization to try to keep world peace