Progressive ERA

  • H.G Wells

    H.G Wells
    He was a muckraker who uncovered the political patronage in the goverment and he published his findings in his papers.
  • Period: to

    Progressive ERA

  • ILGWU Established

    ILGWU Established
    ILGWU stands for the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. They were one of the first Unions to have primary female membership. They really presented themselves to public when the Great Revolt happend. Many woman workers turned to the ILGWU who lead the American Labor Movement for woman. This connects to Progressive Era because it is Labor reform.
  • Robert La Follete

    Robert La Follete
    He was a very outspoken leader of progressivism. He brought the Wisconsin Idea into play when he was elected govenor. He was big on reform and the wisconsin idea was to promote higher taxes on public companies such as street cars,railroads, gas, electiricty, and others. He was a very influential reformer in the progressive era.
  • Ida Tarbells "History of the Standard Oil Company" published

    Ida Tarbells "History of the Standard Oil Company" published
    THis was a magazine that was published to criticize standard oil companies about how they mistreated their workers. This is buisness reform because they need to change their ways of doing buisness and the public is forcing them to do that..
  • Teddy Roosevelts Square Deal

    Teddy Roosevelts Square Deal
    In Pennsylvania 150,000 miners went on strike for higher wages. President Roosevelt was always one for big business reform so he tried to get each side to accept abirtration which is a third party would make the comprimise. It was a succes and was one his first progressive movements as president.
  • IWW Founded

    IWW Founded
    IWW Stands for Industrial Workers of the World. They are a workers union. Their goal was to encourage worker solidarity to help overthorw the employer class. This relates to the progresive era because it is labor reform. It is labor reform because this union is trying to better their working enviorment by getting rid of the employer class.
  • National Child Labor Committe Formed

    National Child Labor Committe Formed
    This is a social reform because a comittee was formed to help better a child's working enviorment. THat is how it relates to the progressive era.
  • Upton Sinclair

    Upton Sinclair
    Upton Sinclair published "The Jungle" which was a direct attack on the Chicago Stockyard Industries. This would be considered muckraking which was a big part in the progressive era. His publication of this book sparked the passing of the Meat Inspection Act.
  • Ray Stannard Baker "A racial justice muckraker"

    Ray Stannard Baker "A racial justice muckraker"
    A muckraker is someone who exposes corruption in our society through the power of writing. Mr.Baker roamed the nation discoverey the ugly truth about the treatment of African-Americans. He uncovered the repeatedly had their right to vote taken away from them.They were attacked violenty, verbally, and they were lynched. Also they were segregated. He brought this to the public's eye in "Following the Color Line".
  • Naacp Formed

    Naacp Formed
    The NAACP was a group of lawyers who joined with each other to protect and fight for African-American rights. This is a social justice reform because African-Americans were fighting for more rights in their country. THey were being treated unfairlyand cruely eventhough they were protected by the constitution.
  • Sixteenth Amendment

    Sixteenth Amendment
    This amendment authorized a national tax on the public based upon their income. The progressives supported this because it was a fair tax to the people and it was a goverment reform.
  • Jane Addams

    Jane Addams
    Jane Addams was a white women who was a peace activist. She fought for everybodys rights as she believed that everyone is equal. She was a progresive leader because she helped W.E.B Du Bois form the NAACP to help bring equality to black americans.
  • National Urban League Fromed

    National Urban League Fromed
    This was group that fought on the side of the African-Americans. THis was an organization that was part of social justice reform which was big in the progressive ERA.
  • Society Of American Indians Fromed

    Society Of American Indians Fromed
    THey were formed to address the social problems they had been facing. They wanted ways to improve there health,education,civil rights,and local goverment. This is a social justice reform which related to the progressive ERA becaus ethey wanted more rights for their people.
  • IWW wins the textile works strike

    IWW wins the textile works strike
    This was one of the IWW's greatest accomplishments in labor reform. They led a strike against textile workers in Lawrence, Massachuesetts over a 30 cent wage cut which they won. THis relates to the progressive era because it was a public showcase for labor reform.
  • Eugene Debs

    Eugene Debs
    Eugene Debs was a labor Reformer in the progressive era. He helped form the IWW which was amde to benefit the workers. He was a Strong leader but not strong enough to win the presidency.
  • Seventeenth Amendment ratification

    Seventeenth Amendment ratification
    The seventeenth amendment was made to give the people the power to vote for their senators directly. It was ratifed to refom the voting process. Before political parties ballots were marked by a certain color which limited the privacy of the voters. To get rid of the possible corruption by pressuring people to vote for a certain party they switched to a secret ballot with all the canidates on each ballot.
  • Woodrow Wilson

    Woodrow Wilson
    woodrow wilson was a a reformer of all. His policies developed three amendments. The biggest one was wome's suffrage. He also was the author of "League of Nations". His was a major progressive while he was president.
  • Supreme Court outlaws "Grandfather Clause" in Guinn V. United States

    Supreme Court outlaws "Grandfather Clause" in Guinn V. United States
    This was a clause that southern states used to ensure that blacks could not vote Until they were brought to court about it and the supreme court considered it unconstitutional. THis relates to the progressive era because it is a social justice reform.
  • William Jennings Bryan

    William Jennings Bryan
    William jennings Bryan was a prolabor progressive who ran for the presidency twice but lost both times. He became secretary of state but never gained any support in his debates so eventually he was replaced.
  • 18th Amendment Ratified

    18th Amendment Ratified
    THe 18th amenmendment was ratified in 1919. THe amendment barred the manufacture, sale, or importation of alcoholic beverages.
  • Nineteenth Amendment

    Nineteenth Amendment
    In 1920 the 19th amendment was ratified. It's original purpose was to give women the right to vote but Women had to still fight to be able to vote. When it was ratified it gave women easy access to vote.
  • Charles Evans Hughes

    Charles Evans Hughes
    He was the secretary of state and he proposed the five poweres agreement which would make countries similar in naval strength so there would be no superpower. He was a military reformist who wanted equality between nations.
  • Hiram johnson

    Hiram johnson
    Hiram Johnson was a peace activist which was a reform in the progressive era. He introduced isolationism to the United States so they would not end up in another war.
  • Henry Ford's Assembly Line

    Henry Ford's Assembly Line
    Henry Ford reinvented buisness production with his new invention of the assembly line. This made production must faster in his companies and other buisnesses caught on. THis also created many more jobs for the people. This was a buisness reform which relates to the Progressive ERA.