Production schedule for Advanced Portfolio project (short film)

  • Creative ideas and scheduling

    Create a narrative theme for the short film and start thinking of ideas and planning out how to produce the short film; this includes thinking of mise en scene, location etc.
    The genre me and my group would like to create is horror as we all enjoy this type of narrative theme.
  • Research/ case studies

    Gather 3 case studies of existing film extracts/ and or short film which relate to the genre of film me and my group want o produce. This should give us an insight of any ideas we want similar in our short film.
    I looked at three horror films that i have recently watched so did a case study on them as they all had the genre of horror that i want my short film to be based on.
  • Treatment

    Write a treatement (rough plan on what i intend to do). It should be short and it should sell my ideas. There are specific points i will need to answer in the plan but at the end i will have to present mines and my group ideas to the teacher which she would approve of us carrying out our idea on the short film or not. At the end of our creating the treatement, our teacher did approve of our idea of the short film and also gave us some points to improve the locations on.
  • Focus groups/ pitch

    Do some initial pre-producion audience feedback on my idea and treatement of the short film. Write an evaluation of the audience feedback including any changes i will have to make as a result. Then make any changes required to the Treatment and upload the new version on blogger
  • Fill in booking form

    Room A24 you book the booking form, the day that everyone must of filled out the booking form was on the 9th of October but because my and my group finished the tasks early, we booked in the booking forms for the camera early too so we can start shooting as soon as possible.
  • Pre-production

    Draw up a detailed story board and detailed script with dialogue and directions, to accompany the storyboard. There are only 3 opporunity's to shoot the action. Also clearly indicate which team member has produced each document with regular team meetings.
  • Shooting the video

    There is only three weeks to shoot the video, and three filming opportunites, which includes one weekend, and use the other two sessions as contigencies.
    11th of november was the day everyone must start to film however me and my group was ahead in the previous tasks that we moved on to the next step and filmed a few weeks earlier than everyone was meant too which meant we will have more time on final cut pro making our short film look more proffessional.
  • Editing training on final cut pro

    We went up to the editing suite where we learnt the basic techniques on final cut pro
  • Editing

    There will be scheduled editing training lessons that me and my group must attend so we can start editing our film.
    Regular blog the editing we do in our short film as i will refer them to my evaluation grade.
    6th December, is the original day everyone starts to edit however as me and my group finished shooting early, we started the editing early too.
  • Research and planning the film poster and magazine review page

    Case studies on three examples of current film posters with similar genre type to our short film.
  • Research and planning the film poster and magazine review page

    Produce mock-ups of the film poster and film review, then pitch your ideas to the class and teacher; record and evaluate the feedback on my blog and make any changes as a result of feedback.
  • Producing the film poster and magazine review page

    Produce photography call sheets to help me organize models, location, props and time
  • Producing the film poster and magazine review page

    Using PhotoShop and InDesign, produce the two print artefacts. Take regular print screens and blog my progress
  • Post- production focus groups

    Screen your finished short film and show it o the target audience which should gain feedback by focus grop. Then evaluate my feedback onto blogger
  • Evaluation

    Produce an individual creative evaluation using a range of creative digital technologies to present my answers.
  • Editing your evaluation

    Edit the creative evalation or Director's Commentary and upload to my blog so that i can meet the final Advanced Portfolio deadline