Production Log

  • What is Horror?

    When researching into horror i had to have a wider understanding of what needs to consist to make a horror. We used spicynodes to do this. Finding this information helped me focus on what i wanted to be available in my horror film.
  • Initial Ideas

    Here is a link to my initial ideas off of my wallwisher.
    Today we created an online website called WallWisher where i placed my initial ideas. This is a brainstorm of information that has post it notes around it.
  • Synopsis Analysis

    We started with a synopsis today and what a film synopsis is. I chose to analyse 'The strangers'. It was difficult to understand at first but after a while analysing a film became clear.
  • MoodBoard

    We created a moodboard that highlighted different types of horror genres. This was an easy task to complete as i found it interesting searching through google and attatching images that fitted the horror genres.
  • Horror Production Logo

    The research into Horror Production Logo's helped me figure out what production logo i would use for my film. This also helped me understand how much depth and information has to go into the making of a film.
  • Title Sequence

    In our lesson today we looked at title sequences of different types of films.We analysed Silent Hill for our Title Sequence. This was so we had an understanding of what our film title sequences should have within them.
  • Horror Franchise

    A horror Franchise is what makes a film seccessful. I analysed Saw and looked at what thedirectors and producers do to create a successful film franchise.
  • Research Actors

    We had to research actors to find out what type of actors are in horror films and what traits they have to interest the target audience.
  • Storyboard

    We created our storyboards for the structure of our film. It highlights what were going to do,what transitions, camera shots and storyline were going to use.
  • Production Company Logo & Profile

    To act professional we had to create a comany profile and logo that we would want to be available on the opening of our films.