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Private Joseph Saberton timeline

  • The beginning of the war

    The beginning of the war
    In this time he was feeling despair because they buried two men from their group and they were leaving their camp in a couple days.
  • A month later

    A month later
    He wrote about how they were expecting marching orders to Syracuse in a couple of days.
  • The beginning of 1862

    The beginning of 1862
    He wrote about how he was getting tired of being at his camp all the time and not having anything to do but wait
  • Upcoming battle

    Upcoming battle
    The last time he was in the rebel pickets the two men next to him were killed. So he was happy to have still been alive and was feeling hopeful that he won't get killed in the upcoming battle.
  • Sandy hot roads

    Sandy hot roads
    They were in sandy hot roads and hardly any water to drink there. He talked about how they had six men die on the road from a sun stroke.
  • A fight

    A fight
    He talked about how there was a fight there about 2 weeks ago and how they had left Memphis
  • Expecting a fight

    Expecting a fight
    He talked about how he was expecting a fight there before long. He was nervous because there is a general with 30,000 soldiers seven miles away from the camp who is plotting an attack on the camp.
  • Recruiting more soldiers

    Recruiting more soldiers
    He has the chills and is taking medicine for them and is afraid that he will get sicker. He also noted that several soldiers were deserters and left camp for home. So his leader has gone recruiting for more soldiers.
  • Being thankful

    Being thankful
    He talked about how thankful that he is back to good health at the present time. He is also anticipating a move to go back-up Rosencrantz
  • Depressed

    He sounds depressed because he is only getting letters from his brother but not getting letters from his friends as well.
  • Irritated

    Saberton is worried because he is not doing too well. He is also very irritated at his commander because he did not give him the thirty dollars that he was owed. He says he will have to get a job as soon as he goes back.
  • The intense journey

    The intense journey
    Saberton talks about the intense journey to their new location with no communication, and torn up railroad tracks and bodies laying all around. He was happy to be alive but felt despair that the war has not ended yet.
  • Last letter in war

    Last letter in war
    It was the last one he wrote and it was about Saberton anticipating new orders to march to Charleston. So he is still in the war. But he is also very glad that he received two letters from his wife and then one from his friend James Bartin.