Private Joseph Saberton

  • Joseph Saberton is born

    Joseph Saberton is born
    British History OnlineJoseph Saberton is Born in Chatteris England on April 22nd, 1830.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

  • Joseph Saberton immigrates to america

    Joseph Saberton immigrates to america
    Elizabeth Blog: History, English and ScienceJoseph Saberton comes to America at about ten years old in the late 1840s to early 1850s. Correct date is unknown.
  • Joseph Saberton gets enlisted

    Joseph Saberton gets enlisted
    National Park ServiceOn August 19th, 1861 Joseph gets enlisted to the 25th indiana volunteer infantry for three years, becoming a soldier for the Union.
  • Waiting at Syracuse

    Waiting at Syracuse
    Central New YorkJoseph writes a letter to his brother about his infantry at Syracuse waiting for further orders to move on.
  • At Benton Barracks

    At Benton Barracks
    Benton Barracks, MissouriJoseph Stops at Benton Barracks in Saint Louis, Missouri writing a letter to his brother talking about the men in his infantry getting sick and there is only about 500 men able to do something around there. He also talks about how the movement in his infantry are little to no warning when they leave a certain area.
  • in the feild near Corinth, Mississippi

    in the feild near Corinth, Mississippi
    VillageProfileJoseph Saberton is writing to his brother about the battle he just faced and how the two people beside him got shot and killed and how he got relived with no scratches whatsoever.
  • Saberton in Memphis, Tennessee

    Saberton in Memphis, Tennessee
    Memphis LibraryJoseph talks to his brother about the Memphis heat and how six men died of sun stroke right on the sidewalk. even though that happened, his infantry still moved on through the harsh conditions.
  • Bolivar, Tenessee

    Bolivar, Tenessee
    Bolivar, TennesseeJoseph Saberton visits a camp near Bolivar, Tennessee talking about the really long march from Memphis to Bolivar.
  • 25th Volunteer Infantry

    25th Volunteer Infantry
    25th Indiana Volunteer InfantrySaberton is writing to his brother about how he has to fight soon and that right when he left the battle near Corinth General Grant had a beatdown and it was pretty terrible.
  • Bolivar letter 3

    Bolivar letter 3
    Postage StampsJoseph is writing to his brother about how he didnt pay for a postage stamp when he wrote a letter and that he recieved a letter from the postmaster.
  • Camp near LaGrange, Tennessee

    Camp near LaGrange, Tennessee
    Le Grange, TennesseeSaberton Is talking about how the ene,y is at a retreat and he can almost smell victory,
  • Camp near Davis mill, Mississippi

    Camp near Davis mill, Mississippi
    Fighting in the Civil WarJoseph is talking about Holy Springs, which is a place that men have been talking about since the war started. "it seems to be a beacon of hope" he says.
  • Back in memphis: letter 1

    Back in memphis: letter 1
    Saberton talks about how he is back in Memphis, Tennessee, and how he caught about 200 soldiers in a theatre without passes so he and a portion of the infantry took them straight to prison.
  • Memphis 2

    Memphis 2
    Civil War NewspapersSaberton tells his brother about how there was a big event on that last saturday and everyone was there. He said that it was fun and heart warming.
  • Memphis 3

    Memphis 3
    Sickness and Disease in the Civil WarJoseph is talking to his brother about how he has grown sick. He said he is taking medication and staying in memphis for a litte while.
  • Memphis 4

    Memphis 4
    Memphis in the Civil WarSaberton is talking about how he is better and that the weather is cold and very rainy and how his letters have stopped for a while.
  • Memphis letter 5

    Memphis letter 5
    Memphis HistorySaberton is talking about how he will stay in memphis the whole winter and he hasn't heard about any signs of getting out of there.
  • Nashville

    Nashville Train SystemSaberton tells his brother about his travels and how he went passed the mississippi and ohio and rode by train to nashville.
  • Joseph Dissappears

    Joseph Dissappears
    Casualties and missing soldiersMuster roll says that Joseph Saberton dissappeared from the Evansville Hospital with a possible shot to the arm.
  • Decatur Ala

    Decatur Ala
    Decatur AlabamaSaberton is talking to his brother about how he is back with his regiment and the road to it was tough with all the walking and all the different routes.
  • Decatur Ala 2

    Decatur Ala 2
    Decatur, AlabamaSaberton is tlking about how he was scouting out for rebels and how the last fight was a while ago and how it only lost two men.
  • Camp West Point

    Camp West Point
    Camp West PointSaberton talks about how he got in a rustle with rebels but he beat them and they left their dead on the feild.
  • near savana Georgia

    near savana Georgia
    Savana, GeorgiaSaberton talks about how he is in the georgia area and how he is getting ready to go to the charleston area. The war is almost over and he said that he will be home soon.
  • Joseph Dies

    Joseph Dies
    Civil War CasualtiesJoseph Saberton is pronounced dead on march 26th, 1883.