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President Alvaro Colom

  • Born

    Born in Guatemala City.
    Currently 60 years old.
  • Son Antonio Colom

    Son Antonio Colom
    Participates in the guatemalan music group called VIento en Contra that started 1995. It doesnt have an specific date.
  • UNE

    Not in a exact date only year.
    National Unity of Hope. Group created by him
  • Presidency

    He lost to Oscar Berger
  • Election 2007

    Election 2007
    Becomes president of Guatemala
  • 47th President of Guatemala

    47th President of Guatemala
    He starts his job as president of Guatemala in January 14th 2008.
    his vicepresident is Rafael Espada.
  • Gradient steps

    Gradient steps
    He made bridges all around Guatemala
  • Orden del Quetzal

    Orden del Quetzal
    highest honor. Established in 1973, it is bestowed by the Government of Guatemala. The award acknowledges officials of nations, organizations and other entities whose artistic, civic, humanitarian, or scientific works merit special recognition.
  • Ends presidency

    Ends presidency
    This year ends his presidency and entres a new one.
    Otto Perez y Baldizon
  • Divorce

    He divorces to his wife Sandra Torres for his wife to win the elections of 2011.