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  • Dad

    His name is George Tryon Harding. Born on June 12, 1843 in Corsica, Ohio. His job was a physician.
  • mom

    His mothers name is Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson Harding. She was born on Dec 21, 1843 near Blooming Ohio
  • Father Job

    Father Job
    Harding's rather job was a physician.
  • Wife

    Her name was Florence Kling De Wolf Harding. Born on August 15 1860.
  • Birth

    Warren G. Harding was born on Nov 2, 1865. He was born in Blooming Ohio later known as Corsica, Ohio
  • School

    At a young age he went to a one roomed school house.
  • Education

    he went to Ohio Central college at the age of 14. He learned how to run a newspaper.
  • Marriage

    Florence Kling De Wolf Harding July 8, 1891. In Marion, Ohio
  • First job

    First job
    He was a school teacher at Marion,Ohio. He was there for a year.
  • Second job

    Second job
    He had bought the Marion Star. With some friends.
  • Religion

    Harding was a Baptist
  • Third job

    Third job
    He got a seat in the Ohio legislature in 1898
  • Failed job

    Failed job
    He tryed to run for Governor but did not win
  • Forth job

    Forth job
    Then he became the Seneter for Ohio.
  • Political party

    Political party
    Harding was part of the Republican party.
  • Women Vote

    Women Vote
    Harding was also was the first president to be elected when women could vote.
  • President

    Warren G. Harding became president in 1921-1923. Was cansiterd one of the worst presidents we had
  • nick names

    nick names
    Winnie, wobbly Warren were a few.
  • Paper

    on April 20 1921 Warren G Harding singed the Thompson-Urticaria treaty.
  • Battle

    On august 25 the battle of Blair Mt started. Union miners and coal company supporters clashed near Blair Mountain, West Virginia, in what has been called the largest armed uprising since the Civil War.
  • Another Act

    Another Act
    The Sheppard-Towner Act provided federal funds to states to establish programs to educate people about prenatal health and infant welfare.
  • Facts

    Harding was so attach to gambling he bet a whole set of white house china away.
  • Act

    The Capper-Volstead farmers were prosecuted under antitrust laws for acting together to market their products.
  • Event

    April 7 1922 was the Teapot dome scandal.
  • Popular

    he was one of the most popular U.S. presidents to that point.
  • Death

    Warren G. Harding died of a heart attack. He was on his way back from Alaska
  • Alaska

    Harding was the first president to visit Alaska. he went there to clear his name.
  • Vice President

    Vice President
    Harding's vice president was Calvin Coolidge. He was the 30th president when Harding had a heart attack.
  • Barual Place

    Barual Place
    Both Harding and his wife were barred in Marion Cemetery.
  • Wife Death

    Wife Death
    she lived longer than her husband. She died on November 21 1924.