Coffin 1

Premature Burial -Dagney, Julia, Sean

  • Main Problem

    Main Problem
    There are multiple examples where people have experienced a horrifying death by being buried alive. In many events, they have been mistaken for dead and then left in a coffin or vault where they are to rot away.
  • Event #1

    Event #1
    A lady becomes very ill and people start to think she is dead. Her family decides to bury her in their vault. 3 years later, her husband comes to look in the vault and her skeleton falls on him. The husband asks scientists to study her bones. The scientists eventually find out that the woman died 2 days after her burial.
  • event #2

    event #2
    wealthy lady is forced to marry some guy who beats her, and she can't see her lover. she becomes sick, and "dies." Her lover goes to her grave and digs her up. they flee to America. When they come back, her old husband finds her and she is not allowed to leave him
  • Event #3

    Event #3
    A large man got thrown off his horse and then got a concussion after hitting the ground. He had a bleeding sensation and the people around him thought he was dead. They buried him and then had a funeral in his honor. During his funeral, a child sat on the coffin and started to hear a pounding on the coffin and screams for help. He got scared and fled to his family, who eventually let the man, who was perfectly alive, out of the tomb.
  • Event #4

    Event #4
    A doctor does an autopsy on a dead man who died from typhus fever. He put a battery in the man's body, and the man suddenly stood up and mumbled "I'm alive!" and then fell down on his face.
  • Climax

    The narrator has a disease called catelepsy, which causes him to fall into a death-like trance at any time. The narrator and his friend get caught in a storm, and they duck for safety. During the storm, the narrator falls into a trance.
  • Falling Action

    Falling Action
    When the man wakes from his trance, he realizes that he is in a dark, compresed area. He feels around and concludes that he has been buried in a boat. The narrator starts struggling because he realizes he isn't in his vault that he made at his house. He tries to pound out of the boat, but there's no use.
  • Resolution

    All of the sudden, the narrator is released from his coffin to find three men. They tell him why he ended up inside the tomb because he lost his memory after the trance. He was on a trip with his friend when they were caught in a horrible storm. They hid in boats, which represented coffins, to get away from the storm. When he awoke, he found himself in the boat and thought he was trapped in a tomb. It is concluded that premature burial is the most horrifying death known to man.