• Maternal Grandpa Born

  • Paternal grandpa born

  • Maternal Grandma Born

  • Paternal Grandma Born

  • Paternal grandpa graduates

    Partenal Grandpa graguates from zhe jiang university 1956
  • Paternal Grandma graduates

    Partenal Grandpa graduates from zhe jiang university 1958
  • Father born

  • Mom is born

  • Father moves to u.s.

    Father moves from China to U.S.
  • Mom bachelor degree

  • Mother moves to U.S.

    Jun moves to the United States from China
  • Parents married

    Parents married
    Hong and Jun are married
  • Father PHD degree

    Father Graduates from Urbana Champaign
  • Mom's first job

  • Mother Masters degree

    MotherGraduates from Urbana Champaign 1995
  • Birth of Sister

    Jessica Chang is born in Oregon
  • Family moves to California

    Family moves from Oregon to California
  • First housing in CA

  • Grandparents move to US

  • Birth of Jason

    Birth of Jason
    Jason Chang is born in Cupertino, CA
  • Family moves to Saratoga

    Family moves to Saratoga
  • First day of School

    First day of School
  • Golden Wedding Aniversary

    Maternal Grandparents celebrate their Golden Anniversary
  • Sister enters Harker

  • Mom joins Apple

  • Maternal Grandpa Dies

    My Maternal Grandpa dies at the age of 82 in 2011 at Beijing
  • 80th/20th Birthday for Grandpa

    Paternal Grandpa celebrates his 80th year alive and his 20th "Birthday"
  • Jason Graduates from Argonaut

    Jason Graduates from Argonaut
  • Family visit to Yellow Stone

  • Grandma survives Stroke

    Maternal Grandma survives stroke
  • Sister Visits Europe

    Jessica Goes to Europe for 4 weeks starting from July 3rd all across the continent to different landmarks
  • Sister visits Europe

    Goes to multiple contries
  • Science Bowl

    Jason Chang and his team receive 4th place in the Bay Area Science Bowl
  • Period: to

    ONGOING: Sister working on in a nutshell projct