Post Apocalyptic Films - A history

  • Metropolis

    A futurist film about how robots can take over the world. Causing problems and fear in the eyes of those who are living in the city.
  • The Day The Earth Stood Still

    This is a classic alien invasion film. The Aliens invasion was a warning to human kind to either get along or they'll destroy the the earth.
  • War of the Worlds

    This film is about an alien invasion, This film caused a scare amongst people about what else is in the universe and disasters that they could bring.
  • The Omega Man

    This film was about a biological warfare which had killed most humans or turned them into nocturnal vampires.
  • Mad Max

    A classic tale of a survivor, a hero played by Mel Gibson, battling across a wasteland.
  • Armageddon

    This is an apocaplyptic classic about astronauts trying to prevent an asteriod from destroying earth.
  • 28 days later

    A zombie post apocalyptic film that follows the story of a male survivor and a group of survivors, surviving a deadly virus.
  • The Day After Tomorrow

    With a growing concern about global warming, this post apocalyptic film shows the events happening, showing the caos it brings with it. During this time and to the present day there is still concern about global warming and the effects that will follow,
  • I am Legend

    Post Apocalyptic film showing flashbacks of one mans witness of a global disaster caused by a virus that was created due to scientific experiments. This is the fear of what our scientific minds could create either on purpose or by mistake.
  • The Road

    A post apocalyptic environmental disaster film following a man and a boy along their journey to the south coast.