Population Movement

  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    required nonlaborers to get certification form the Chinese Government to immigrate.
  • Period: to


  • Geary Act was formed

    The Chinese Exlusion act expired and congress extended it to the Geary Act and added more restrictions. and ended in the 1920s
  • The great Migration

    The Great Migration was the mass movement of about five million southern blacks to the north and west.
  • Wartime racial incident

    white rioters ramoaged through african american neighborhods, leaving 39 dead.
  • First movement

    First movement of blacks occured during World War I when 454,000 black southerners moved north
  • Congress repealed all exclusion acts

    This made it so that there was a yearly limit of 105 chinese immigrats.The so-called national origin system, with various modifications, lasted until Congress passed the Immigration Act of 1965