Popular dancehall songs over the years

  • Mr Loverman by Shabba Ranks

    Mr Loverman by Shabba Ranks
    Ranks gained his fame mainly by toasting (or rapping) rather than singing, similarly to his dancehall contemporaries in Jamaica. A protégé of deejay Josey Wales, he arrived on the international stage in the late 1980s, along with a number of fellow Jamaicans including reggae singers Cocoa Tea and Crystal. Ranks also worked with Chuck Berry and America rappers KRS-One and Chubb Rock. He secured a major record deal with Epic Records in 1991. Having released five albums for a major label, Ranks r
  • "Batty Rider By Buju Banton

    "Batty Rider By Buju Banton
    Buju Banton was born in Kingston, Jamaica in a poor neighborhood called Salt Lane. Buju is a nickname given to chubby children that means breadfruit and was given to him by his mother as a child. Banton is a Jamaican word that refers to someone who is a respected storyteller, and it was adopted by Myrie in tribute to the deejay Burro Banton, whom Buju admired as a child.[2] It was Burro's rough gravelly vocals that Buju emulated and ultimately made his own. Buju's mother was a higgler, or street
  • Benz & Bimma by Bounty Killer

    Benz & Bimma by Bounty Killer
    Bounty Killer (born Rodney Basil Price; 12 June 1972; Kingston, Jamaica) is a Grammy nominated Jamaican reggae and dancehall deejay. He is the founder of a dancehall collective known as The Alliance.rice moved to Kingston at an early age, along with his mother his siblings.[1] His father owned and ran the Black Scorpio sound system and Price started his musical career as a sound system deejay in his early teens.[1] At the age of 14, Price was shot by a stray bullet during a gunfight between riv
  • Deport Them By Sean Paul

    Deport Them By Sean Paul
    Sean Paul was born in Kingston and spent his early years in Upper Saint Andrew Parish, a few miles north of Kingston.[2] His parents, Garth and Frances, were both talented athletes, and his mother is a well-known painter.[3] His paternal grandfather was a Sephardic Jew whose family emigrated from Portugal, and his paternal grandmother was Afro-Caribbean; his mother is of English and Chinese Jamaican descent.[4][5] Sean Paul was raised as a Catholic.[6] Many members of his family are swimmers. H
  • Bicycle By Vybz Kartel

    Bicycle By Vybz Kartel
    Adidja Palmer began his career as a teenager in 1993 with his first recording "Love Fat Woman", released on Alvin Reid's label "One Heart", using the moniker "Adi Banton", a homage to Buju Banton.[4] Palmer was later part of the three-member group "Vybez Cartel", keeping the slightly altered name after group split up, and became a protege of Bounty Killer, for whom he claims to have written nearly 30 songs, including "Gal Clown".[5] Vybz Kartel also collaborated with underground artist Poizn Iv