politics since fediration

  • edmund barton

    edmund barton
    first Prime minister of austraila since fediration
    was a australian politian judge
    was a judge for 1 7 years till his death in1920
  • Period: to

    prime ministers since fedirration

  • alfred deakin

    alfred deakin
    he was the 2nd, 5th and 7th prime minister
    alfred was in the office for the first 10 years of fediration
    and his first election was on the 16th of december 1903
  • John watson

    John watson
    he was the First labor prime minister of australia and
    six bills were put forward while john was minister of australia
    Watson was aged 37 when he was in parliament and was known to be the youngest prime minister in australia.
  • George Reid

    George Reid
    -he was the last liberal tendency in new south wales
    -ried wanted fediration
    - switched from the liberal party to the labor and got the nickname yes-no Reid
  • Alfred Deakin

    Alfred Deakin
    -It was his second time being prime minister
    -stayed on the labor party
    -this time he was prime minister for 3 years
  • Andrew Fisher

    Andrew Fisher
    -was the 5th prime minister
    -born in a mining town
    -was the 2nd out of 7 children
  • Alfred Deakin

    Alfred Deakin
    became primeminister again (for the 3rd time)
    he stayed on the labor party
    and this time only was primeminister for around 1 year
  • Andrew Fisher

    Andrew Fisher
    was prime minister for the second time,
    on the labor party
    and this time he was in the office for around 3 years.
  • Joseph Cook

    Joseph Cook
    was in liberal but changed to labor.
    when he was nine he worked as a coal miner and had no real education.
    was only prime minister for about 1 year
  • Andrew Fisher

    Andrew Fisher
    was in the labor party.
    it was his last time being prime minister.
    and when he was 10 he started working in a coal mine .
  • Billy Hughes

    Billy Hughes
    he ran labor for around 1 year
    billy was 90 when he died.
    and he changed parties 5 times
  • Stanley Bruce

    Stanley Bruce
    He was born in a mansion in Melbourne and Stanley studied in london.
    in 1819 he was elected to the house of representitves.
  • James Scullin

    James Scullin
    On the labor party.
    Went to school in state primary schools.
    Was prime minister for three years.
  • Joseph Lyons

    Joseph Lyons
    He was the labor premier of tasmania.
    Was prime minister for around 7 years.
    Left school at nine to work as a messenger.
  • Earle Page

    Earle Page
    Born in new south whales.
    Went to school in Sydney.
    Was one of austrailas first people to own a car.
  • Robert menzies

    Robert menzies
    In 1928,robbert finshed his law practice to enter state parliament.
    his midle name is gordon.
    Menzies was elected Leader of the UAP on the 18th of april.
  • Arthur fadden

    Arthur fadden
    Arthur was born in Ingham in Queensland.
    He went to to state schools.
    Fadden was 79 when he died.
  • John Curtin

    John Curtin
    On the labor party.
    Curtin was born in Creswick in Victoria.
    John left school when he was 14 years old
  • Frank Forde

    Frank Forde
    On the Labor party.
    He was prime minister for only eight days.
    Forde was born at Mitchell in Queensland,
  • Ben Chifley

    Ben Chifley
    On the labor party.
    He was born in Bathurst in New South Wales.
    Chifley died from a heart attack.
  • Robert Menzies

    Robert Menzies
    Second time being prime minister.
    Stayed on the liberal party.
    Lived from the 20th of December 1894 to the 15th of May 1978
  • Harold Holt

    Harold Holt
    He spent 32 years in Parliament.
    Was prime minister for 22 months.
    He was also on the Liberal party.
  • John McEwen

    John McEwen
    He lived for 80 years.
    John McEwen was born at Chiltern in Victoria.
    Went to school at state schools.
  • John Gorton

    John Gorton
    John Gorton was born in Melbourne.
    He was 90 when he died.
    He went toschool at Sydney Church of England Grammar School
  • William McMahon

    William McMahon
    On the liberal party.
    His Mum died when he was 9 and his Dad when he was 18.
    William was born in sydney.
  • Gough Whitlam

    Gough Whitlam
    On the labor party.
    Gough Whitlam was born in Kew in Melbourne.
    When he was six Gough began his education.
  • Malcolm Fraser

    Malcolm Fraser
    On the liberal party.
    Malcolm was born in Toorak.
    He was educated at Glamorgan.
  • Bob Hawke

    Bob Hawke
    On the labor party.
    Hawke was born in Bordertown in South Australia.
    when he was he thought that he would become Prime Minister of Australia.
  • Paul Keating

    Paul Keating
    On the labor party.
    was prime minister for around 5 years.
    Keating grew up in Bankstown in Sydney.
  • John Howard

    John Howard
    On the liberal party.
    He was a member from the House of Representatives from 1974 to 2007.
  • Kevin Rudd

    Kevin Rudd
    On the labor party.
    Rudd grew up on a dairy farm.
    Kevin was born in Nambour in Queensland.
  • Julia Gillard

    Julia Gillard
    On the Australian labor party.
    Still is the prime minister of australia.
    Was the first female prime minister of australia.