Physics Project

  • Emilie du Chatelet

    She was a French philosopher that was lucky to be a part of the science field at the time she lived. She worked a little bit with Voltaire, and mostly studied his work. She found out that squaring the velocity would give you the energy of a moving object. Living in 1722 was difficult for her as a budding scientist due to her gender.
  • Antoine-Laurent and Marie Anne Lavoisier

    They were both French and worked with mass together. They worked together during 1771 in Paris. They also did not have the necessary equipment to experiment with so they created a tank perform their famous experiment of changing water to gas and then back to water.
  • Michael Faraday

    A Swiss scientist who worked on electromagnetism and eventually created electricity. He worked with Sir Humphry Davy for a short time. He was working on these theories in 1812 when many scientists thought that the elite knew best, but he tested them and proved his theory on the electromagnetic force. Resources were different at this time. So he created the devices he needed to use to prove his theory.
  • James Clerk Maxwell

    Was a Scottish physicist and mathematician. He worked on the electromagnetic field along with Faraday. He eventually Proved Faraday’s theory right. He worked mostly in 1860 until 1865 in London.
  • Albert Einstein

    A German scientist, most notably deemed a genius. He created the Mass-energy equation E=mc2. He worked in 1911 and used the resources he could.
  • Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman

    German chemists that worked with Radioactivity. They worked together and tried to encourage not using nuclear energy as a weapon. They worked in the 1930s when war was prominent and the effects of nuclear energy were bad but unknown.
  • Lise Meitner and Otto Robert Frisch

    Austrian Scientist Lise worked with her nephew Otto in discovering nuclear fission. She worked in the 1930s along with Otto Hahn. The biggest drawback was that she was overlooked many times and did not receive a Nobel Prize award along with her colleagues due to the fact that she was a woman.