Timeline created by Rojo Osnaya Alejandro
  • Cell phone creation

    Cell phone creation
    Martin Cooper, created the first portable cell phone, which was marketed under the name Motorola DynaTac 8000X.
  • 1G (First Generation)

    1G (First Generation)
    This generation has started it all, cell phones were very expensive, analog, heavy and with large batteries and antennas.
  • 2G (Second generation)

    2G (Second generation)
    With the second generation, mobile phone services have become popular, because it provided more affordable prices,a reduced size, better voice quality and the famous SMS.
  • 3G (Third Generation)

    3G (Third Generation)
    The third generation has introduced Internet connectivity, camera, touch screen, multimedia messages, GPS, television, and downloading files.
  • 4G (Fourth Generation)

    4G (Fourth Generation)
    Most people have been using 4g, because they are the most common cell phones today, they have a data transmission speed of 50 megabytes, a front camera and can make video calls.
  • 5G (Fifth Generation)

    5G (Fifth Generation)
    This generation has been developing since 2020, devices with this technology have 100% coverage, are 1000 times faster broadband and have 90% reduction in network energy consumption.