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Hans Reichenbach Philosophy PHIL202 Fall 2021

  • Hans Reichenbach 1891-1953

    Hans Reichenbach 1891-1953
    Hans Reichenbach was born September 26, 1891 in Hamburg Germany His uprising brought about many esteemed places within the Vienna Circle logical positivism, where it gave structure to mental categories and languages. He followed the Sciences of his time as he listened to other specialists such as Einstein and other Scientific writers of his time. He wanted uncompromising in empiricist epistemology.
  • 1910

    During the 1910 he had gone to Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart for Civil engineering and then to Berlin under greats like Ernst Cassirer, Max Plank, Armold SOmmerfeld, and David Hilvert.
  • 1915

    During this time, his doctoral dissertation while under philosophers and mathematicians in the 1915s and being conscripted into the army still finishing up the rest of the paper. Just after this he returned from active service into an engineering firm on radio technology. During this time, he would attend Albert Einstein’s lectures where the two became great friends for the rest of their life. They would often speak of principals like the theory of relativity or solar observances.
  • 1920

    In the 1920’s the Technische Hochschule in stuttgart where he had originally been taught as a young man now became where he was teaching Physics later becoming an associate professor. He raised two children with his wife Elizabeth Lingener. Their names are Hans Galama and Jutta two years apart with the first born in 1922. He later listened with others such as Schrodinger.
  • 1938

    In 1938 moved to UCLA Berkley after moving from Turkey after Adolf Hitler came to power.