Philip Sheridan

By 113224
  • Born

  • Rose in Ranks

    Appointed Colonel of the 2nd Michigan Cavalry. Philip rose in ranks very quickly.
  • First Battle

    Battle of Booneville, impressed Brig. Gen. William S. Rosecrans so much that he himself was promoted to Brigadier General. After Stones River he was promoted to Major General.
  • Ceder Creek

    Jubal Early suprise attacks Sheridans men while he is away, but philip races back, rallies his troops and beats Earlys men in a battle. Philip is promoted to Major General in the regular army.
  • "The Burning"

    Destroyed Confederate barns, mills, railroads, factories. He made over 400 square miles of the Valley uninhabitable.
  • War ends

    Forced Lee to evacuate Petersburg when Sheridan cut off his lines of support at Five Forks. Finally at Appomattox, Lee was forced to surrender the Army of Northern Virginia when Sheridans forces blocked Lees escape route. Sheridan Considered a hero to many northerners.
  • Governor

    During Reconstruction- Sheridan was appointed to be the military governor of Texas and Louisiana
  • Pacifying the Great Planes

    Acual date unknown- Ulysses S. Grant gave Sheridan the orders to help put the indians on reservations.