Philip II

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  • May 17, 1527

    Philip II

    Philip II
  • Jul 25, 1543

    Maria of Portugal

    Married Philip II in 1543 to 1545. Had Philips oldest son Carlos, Prince of Asturias.
  • 1556

    King of Spaniards

    June 30th, 1556- September 13,1598
  • Apr 16, 1559

    Elisabeth of Valois

    Elisabeth of Valois
    Married to Philip II from 1559-1568. They had 2 daughters, Isabella Clara Eugenia and Infanta Catherine Michelle of Spain.
  • Jul 23, 1568

    Eighty Years of War

    Eighty Years of War
    The Eighty Years of War was a war between Catholic Spain and the Protestant Netherlands which ended up with Netherlands having independence from Spain. This war started in July 23,1568 and ended January 30, 1648.
  • Jun 13, 1570

    Anna of Austria, Queen of Spain

    Philip married Anna from 1570-1580. They had his son Philip III of Spain, Diego Prince of Asturias,and Ferdinand Prince of Asturias