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PHIL202 Week 3 (William Whewell)

  • William Whewell's Introduction

    William Whewell's Introduction
    William Whewell was born in Lancaster,England.
    A philosopher, remembered for a wide variety of studies.
    English philosopher remembered for his works on ethics & Theory of Induction.
  • Whewell's Academic Focus

    Came to Trinity college in Cambridge as a scholarship student!
  • Philosophical Breakfasts

    Philosophical Breakfasts
    During 1812 & 1813 with three of his students & discussed philosophy of science pertaining to Induction. The four also pledged to bring a new revolution to the scientific world. Educational Clip
  • Innovator

    Major scientists such as Charles Darwin reached out to Whewell for guidance on philosophy & science.
    Whewell created terms that had never been used before. Such as the English word "Scientist", before the term used was “man of science”.
  • Theory of Induction

    Whewell had much work that expanded outside the realm of philosophy as well. Although his best works were on the Theory of Induction expanding throughout most of his life! He believed that all knowledge had to be objective & subjective. He criticized many other idealists and believed strongly in dividing knowledge. His thoughts were antiethical according to other philosophers. William Whewell was a leader in the philosophy field & someone we rarely hear about!
  • Major Writing

    The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences, Founded Upon Their History
  • Achievement

    Vice chancellor of the university
  • Major Writing

    The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences, 2nd edition
  • Achievement

    Vice chancellor of the university for the 2nd time
  • Major Writing

    History of the Inductive Sciences, from the Earliest to the Present Time 3rd edition
  • Lifetime Acheivements

    Lifetime Acheivements
    *Published over 150 writings*
    *President of British Association for Advancement of Science*
    *President of the Geological Society* *William Whewell Bio*
  • Tragic Death

    Whewell died after being thrown from his horse.