Auguste Comte

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  • Auguste Comte's Birth

    Auguste was born in Montpellier, France
  • Education of Comte

    Education of Comte
    Comte was "intellectually precocious" and attended École Polytechnique
  • Education of Comte cont.

    The school had temporarily closed but this did not stop Comte from continuing his education and furthering his career.
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    Comte's Marriage

    Comte's was married to Caroline Massin for quite sometime 17 years to be exact until in 1842 they had decided to separate due to unhappiness.
  • Comte's First Lecture Series

    Comte's created a series of lectures on his "System of Positive Philosophy" work for a private audience. But unfortunately, Comte had a horrible nervous breakdown and these lectures had come to a halt
  • Period: to

    Auguste Comte's devotion to his publication

    These particular 12 years Comte spent creating his six volumes of "Cours de Philosophie Positive"
  • Period: to

    Comte's tutoring era

    Comte started tutoring and examining at Polytechnique as it had finally reopened. Except that Comte had been given a hard time throughout this and thus lost his post at the school but still had a following from his "french disciples"
  • Auguste Comte's addition to Philosphy

    Auguste Comte's addition to Philosphy
    Comte's last volume in his series!
  • Comte's romantic endeavour

    Comte's romantic endeavour
    Comte had actually pursed a romantic relationship with said "Clotilde de Vaux" but his relationship with her ended very quickly as she died from tuberculosis that next year.
  • Period: to

    Comte's next devotion to his publication

    Comte had created a new series that consisted of 4 volumes called "Système de politique positive" (System of Positive Polity) and thus brought the creation of "Sociology" to the surface of the science realm
  • Comte's second volume of literature

    Comte's second volume of literature
    System of Positive Polity cover of his second series
  • Comte's other publishing

    Comte's other publishing
    Comte also published "Catéchisme positiviste" The Catechism of Positive Religion)
  • Comte's other publishing cont.

    Comte's other publishing cont.
    Comte published one more reading in 1856 called "Synthèse subjective" (Subjective Synthesis)
  • Video on Comte's Positivism

  • Auguste's Death

    Auguste sadly died of cancer but his impact of his work was greatly appreciated by those who followed him and continued on his work and others learned immensely from his few other publishings.