Peter Kormos, 1952 - 2013

Timeline created by Dan Dakin
  • Kormos born in Welland

    Peter Kormos is born in Welland on Oct. 7, 1952.
  • Expelled from high school

    Kormos is expelled from Eastdale Secondary School after distributing anti-Vietnam war pamphlets to students. He had led a sit-in student strike after the school refused to lower the Canadian flag after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.
  • Kormos called to the bar

    After his post-secondary education at Niagara College, York University and Osgoode Hall, Kormos is called to the bar in 1980.
  • Elected to Welland City Council

    While working as a Welland lawyer, Kormos successfully ran for a spot as a Welland city councillor.
  • Entrance into provincial politics

    Entrance into provincial politics
    Peter wins a by-election to replace Mel Swart as the member of provincial parliament for Welland.
  • Kormos becomes cabinet minister

    NDP wins provincial election under leader Bob Rae. Kormos is appointed Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations and Minister of Financial Institutions.
  • Sunshine boy dropped from cabinet

    After posing as a Sunshine Boy for the Toronto Sun, Kormos gets booted from his cabinet post by NDP leader Bob Rae.
  • NDP Leadership bid

    Kormos runs for the NDP leadership, but loses to Howard Hampton
  • NDP House Leader

    Kormos starts his 10-year run as the house leader of the Ontario NDP caucus
  • Retirement from provincial politics

    After 23 years in provincial politics, Kormos announces his retirement and says he won't run again as an MPP.
  • Elected to regional council

    Kormos is elected to Niagara Region council, taking over the Welland seat left by Cindy Forster, who won Kormos' vacant MPP role.
  • Radio show launches

    On Feb. 17, 'The Region' debuts on 610 CKTB radio. Kormos hosts the hour-long weekly show with St. Catharines regional councillor Andy Petrowski.
  • Found dead at home

    At 10:45 a.m., police, fire and Niagara EMS respond to Kormos' home in Welland, where he's found dead.