Timeline created by robert.geiger
  • The King

    King Acrisius, the King of Argos had three daughters but wanted a son more than anything. He vistied the Temple of Apollo to find out if he ever would have one and learned of a prophecy that would lead to his death.
  • The Prophecy

    The king learned that he would never have a son and that his daughter, Danae the most beautiful girl of the land would have a child that would some day kill him. The king locked his daughter into a bronze house and guarded it to make sure she would never become pregant.
  • The Golden Seed

    While locked in the bronze house Danae was visted by Zeus in the form of golden rain and he impregnated her. Acrisius found out and casted Danae and her child, Perseus, into the water locked inside a chest.
  • The Fisherman

    Danae and Perseus landed on an island and were found by a firsherman named Dictys. Danae and Perseus lived with Dictys till Perseus was a young man.
  • Tyrant King

    Polydectes, king of the island Perseus grew up on, fell in love with Danae and wanted to marry her. Polydectes did not like Perseus however and created a plan he thought would get him killed for sure. He asked for a head of a Gorgon. Perseus being young and bold Chooses to get what the king ask for.
  • Perseus The Most Guided Hero

    Perseus sailed to Greece where the priestess at the Temple of Apollo told him to start his quest at the city of Dodona. There he was visited by Hermes who lead him to the three grey women who told him where he could get the right tools to defeat a Gorgon. Perseus traveled to the land of the Hyperboreans where he was given winged sandals, and magic wallet, and a cap that made him invisible.
  • Gorgons Head

    After receiving the gifts Perseus and Hermes flew to the island where the Gorgons lived. There Persus using his gifts which also included a sword from Hermes and a sheild from Athen cut the head off of Medusa, the only Gorgon that could be killed.
  • I love my New Gifts

    After escaping the island, Perseus and Hermes split. Perseus then came across the city of Ethiopia on his way home which was being attacked by a large serpent. Perseus used his gifts to defeat the serpent and save the princess Andromeda. Perseus then fell in love with her and asked for her hand in marriage which he was given.
  • Home "Not so" Sweet Home

    When Perseus returned home with Andromeda he found out that his mother and Dictys were hiding from Polydectes because his mother refused to marry him. Perseus went to one of the kings banquets and turned him and everyone in the room to stone using Medusa's head. Perseus then found Danae and Dictys and made Dictys king of the island.
  • Just to Fulfill the Prophecy

    Perseus then traveled to Argos to try and reunite with Acrisius but the King was in the North visiting the Northern king and wanting to watch the Athletic compitition that the Northern king was hosting. Perseus heard of this compitition and traveled there to compete. During his discus throw Perseus hurled his disc into the crowed and hit Acrisius and killed him by accident.
  • A Disney Ending

    Perseus and Andromeda lived happily ever after and had a son who would later be know as the Grandfather of Hercules. Medusa's head was given to Athena