Earth globe space

Period 2 Barto and Kuntz History of the earth

  • 5 BYA Geologic Events

    The solar system began.
  • Period: to

    History of the Earth

  • 4.6 BYA Geologic Events

    The earth began to form.
  • 4 BYA Life Event

    Due to lack of evidence it is theroized the early cells lived throught the process of chemosynthesis and were heterotrouphs, prokaryotes and archaea that feed on organic molecules.
  • 4 BYA Geologic Events

    Volcanoes emited gas forming our atmosphere.
  • 3.5 BYA Life Event

    Layered structures of stromatolites formed. They were from colonies of lymbgya cells.
  • 3 BYA Life Event

    Some forms of life became photosynthetic. most of the oldest known fossils of cells are similar to moderen cyanobacteria- a group of photosyntheteic, unicelluler, prokaryotes.
  • 2 BYA

    O2 levels reached today's levels.
  • 1.5 BYA Live Events

    Endosymbiosis began when a small when a smal aerobic prokarayote was engulphed by and began to live and reprduce insie of a large anerobic prokaryote.
  • Biological Findings 1600-1700

    Robort Hooke studied nature by using an early light miroscope in 1665 using the firts microscope.
    In about 1650 Redi wanted to prove that spontanius generation was false. He left covered and uncovered jars of meat out in the open. The uncovered jars had flies in them while the covered jars stayed fly free.
  • Biological Findings 1700-1800

    Italian scientist Lazzaro Spallanzani(1729-1799) designed experiment to prove the hypothosis of spontainous generation. He made an experiment using two beakers of broth. He boiled both of them and capped one right after boiling. The one that was uncapped turned brown in a few days. The one that was capped did not change at all.
  • Biological Findings 1800-1900

    Fox did extensive reserch on the physical structures that formed the first cells.
    Pasteurs experement proved that micro organisms are in the air and there is no spontanuos generation.
  • Biological Finding 1900-Present Part 1

  • Biological Findings 1900-Present Part 2

  • Biological Findings 1900-Prestent

    Thomas Cech found a type of RNA in some unicellular eckryotes is able to act as a catylist the same way as an enzyme.
    Urey and Miller based an experement off of Oparin's hypothesis. They proved that organic molecules could be made in the environment of the early earth.
  • Biological Findings 1900-Present

    Lynn Margulis wanted to prove that cellular orgenells were the result of endosymbosis.
    Oparian found that all of the compounds in the air could have formed amino acids and then protiens.
    Radiometric dating measures the amount of isotopes in the rocks.