Body image

Perceptions of Body Image throughout History

  • The 18th Century Hair

    The 18th Century Hair
    The hairstyles were simplistic with the odd fake curls but after hygiene problems such as lice and headaches the french hair began to become increasingly popular as for it's enormous styles.
  • Period: to

    Body Image

  • Art vs Fashion

    Art vs Fashion
    Before the use of photographing, the only way to capture yourself was portraiture such as the "Mona Lisa". The female body for hundreds of years was the glory of art and elegance.
  • The 19th Century

    The 19th Century
    It was seen that the ideal bdy shape for women was plump and full-figured with skinniness looked upon as unhealthy. They wore restricted clothing to make their waists tiny. Helath problems were breathing and digestion.
  • The New Century

    The New Century
    Through the early 1900's, women such as Camille Clifford, Nita Naldi and Bette Davis created a major time for women and their rights. It went from being slender to dancing and smoking.
    After this period, women became more secure with their femininty and less boyish.
  • The War period fashion

    The War period fashion
    After World War 2 started, many families believed the "American Tradition" intimidated, so they became more conservative even with fashion a major part of popular culture.
    Through the 1960's, civil and women rights became common, as women tried to seperate themselves from the label of "wife and mother".
  • The Sexual Revolution

    The Sexual Revolution
    This period brought back good looks and the craze of fitness. It started the "New Power" women. Names like Fawcett, Crawford and Moss through the 70's, 80's and 90's with globalisation and prosperity.
  • The Next Generation

    The Next Generation
    In the time of over and under eating, being thin, influenced by fashion and what we see through popular culture. Some women resort to anything to lose wight such as plastic surgery and strange diets and get to their body shape.