People timeline - Jean Jacques Rousseau

  • Birth

    He was born in Geneva.His dad was watchmaker and his mom was born to a minister minister who died right after having jean jacques rousseau.
  • Apprentinceship

    He was an apprentice to his lawyer unlce who though he wasnt good enough and he lost his job
  • Runaway

    He was an apprentice for an engraver at the time, he ran away and went to italy, france, switzerland and he met madame de warens and he was converted to catholic
  • Married

    he gets married to Madam de Warens becomes
  • No more Marrage

    No more Marrage
    he is sick and goes to Montpellier and cheated on his wife with Madame de Larange. Jean and Madam de Warens slipt up after that
  • Schools out forever

    Schools out forever
    He moved to Paris after after he realized he cant teach very good and didnt like to teach
  • Secretary

    Hes not the secretary to the ambassador to Venice, M. de Montaigu.
  • Encyclopedia

    Moved back to Paris to work on the Encyclopedia.
  • Writing books

    Writing books
    Writes and publies Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts.
  • Writes another book

    Writes another book
    Writes and publishes Discourse on Inequalit
  • moving again

    moving again
    he Moves back to Paris and got a house in Montmorency. and he wrote the book Heloise
  • running away.

    running away.
    Publishedf Emile and The Social Contract. then he had to leave france so he wouldnt be arrested for writing them and he moved to Neuchatel
  • citiszenship

    He renounced citizenship of Geneva
  • moves back

    moves back
    he moves back and lives in several diferent parts of france
  • Death

    After he moved to Ermenonville he died