Peg Kehret

By AT10673
  • Peg Kehret is born

    Peg Kehret is born
    Born in LaCrosse, WI. When she was 12 she had 3 types of polio which paralyzed her neck and down.
  • Peg was diagnosed with Polio

    Peg was diagnosed with Polio
    they rushed her
    On a Friday in early September of 1949 to the local hospital, the well-trained doctors diagnosed Peg with the dreaded contagious disease of polio.
    [Diagnosed with Polio](
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  • Graduated from high school

    Graduated from high school
    Graduated from Austin High School and attended college for one year at the University of Minnesota [image source:](
  • Married Carl Kehret

    Married Carl Kehret
    [Married]( They adopted 2 children named Bob and Anne. [image source:](
  • Moved to California

    Moved to California
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  • Moved to Washington State

    Moved to Washington State
    Washington Peg and Carl moved to Washington after traveling through many states in their motorhome. image source:
  • Won Young Reader Award

    Won Young Reader Award
    [Young Reader Award](
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  • Peg's husband Carl died

    Peg's husband Carl died