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Pearl Harbor

  • The cause of the problem

    The cause of the problem
    In September 1940 the United states cut off oil supplies for the Japanese. The states felt like they were gaining too much power and control and taking too many people's land
  • Early morning (7:55am)

    Early morning (7:55am)
    Early morning The Japanese get all of their aircrafts together and start to prepare for their flight. The Japanese crew cheer for their pilots as they enter the plane.
  • 8:40am

    The USA breaks the Japanese codes and learn about the attack two hours before and they start to prepare themselves. They started to use devices they have never used before.
  • Before the attack

    Before the attack
    The commander starts to see the ships coming in by using his binoculars and he counted one by one and there were eight of them.
  • The USS Arizona

    The USS Arizona
    The USS Arizona was hit within 10 minutes of the attack, there were several bombs crashing through. 1,777 servicemen died on the ship.
  • The attack

    The attack
    There were several plans coming through and at first they were circling and they eventually started to drop bombs and the suicide planes started crashing and everything began to get corrupt.
  • Moments after

    Moments after
    The Japanese had less than 100 killed but the Americans had around 2400 killed and 2000 causalities. around 18 ships were also damaged for the Americans.
  • The ships

    The ships
    They aimed towards their navy and they sunk California, West Virginia, and Mine ship. They destroyed Arizona, Utah, and Oklahoma.
  • roosevelt speech

    roosevelt speech
    The president FDR gave a speech right after the bombing, December 8th. He also ask congress to declare war on japan.
  • War

    They all declared war on Japan because the Japanese took over so much of the pacific.