Peace Locomotion

  • Exposition-Backround-1

    The backround is a brother and a sister who get seppperated as young kids. The older brother Lonnie keeps a journal of his thoughts and of events that happen in his day to day life. He plans on showing them to his sisiter Lilli when they meet up again.
  • Exposititon-Setting-2

    The setting is his journal of letters, includes, the house where he lives with his foster mother and brothers. As well as the school yard, and classes, and the very few times they see eachother,the brother and sister.
  • Exposition-Character-3

    The little sister Lilli,the brother Lonnie,his foster mother Miss Edna, his sisters foster mother,the mean teacher Miss Cooper,the nice teacher Miss Alina, Lonnie's friend Clyde,and his foster brothers Rodney and Jenkins.
  • Conflict

    Lonnie and Lilli's parents die in a fire.
  • Rising Action-1

    Rising Action-1
    Lonnie and Lilli were sepperated. They were put into two different foster homes. And he imagines that Lilli is sad.
  • Rising Action-2

    Rising  Action-2
    Lonnie writes a poem and feels good about his writing untill one of his teachers, Miss Cooper, puts him down.that makes him give up on his poetry.
  • Rising Action-3

    Rising Action-3
    Lilli doesn't come to Lonnies birthday as planned, and so he cried his eyes out in his foster mother's arms(Edna).
  • Rising Action-4

    Rising Action-4
    Lonnie and his friend get scolded by the neighbor for almost ruining her bulbs. They learned something new about plants and flowers. But they dont even care. The planting of the flower bulbes seems symbolic.
  • Rising Action-5

    Rising Action-5
    Lonnie's older brother Jenkins, Mrs. Edna's biological son is at war and is missing.
  • Rising Action-6

    Rising Action-6
    Lonnie finds his foster mom crying for her son because he was lost at war and now could be hurt or dead
  • Rising Action-7

    Rising Action-7
    Lonnie tries to write poetry but he hears Ms Cooper putting him down in his head.
  • Rising Action-8

    Rising Action-8
    Lili is getting older and visits with Lonnie. She calls her foster mom "Mamma" and that makes Lonnie sad and upset.
  • Climax/turning point

    Climax/turning point
    Lonnie realizes that his parents don't have to be by their sides to still be with them. He realizes this at night, looking at the stars.
  • Falling Action-1

    Falling Action-1
    Lonnie admits to Lili that his painful memory of losing his parents is fading but he is left with a good feeling like Lili, his parents and he are stars.
  • Falling Action-2

    Falling Action-2
    He is noticing the love from other people, like Lili's foster mom. He admits he likes hugs. He is finding peace in his music
  • Falling Action-3

    Falling Action-3
    Jenkins, who was hurt at war, woke up. He's not dead. He is coming home.
  • Falling Action 4

    Falling Action 4
    He's close to his new family and it's okay to hold on to good, old memories at the same time.
  • Falling Action-5

    Falling Action-5
    Lonnie is sad because he remembers the fire.
  • Falling Action-6

    Falling Action-6
    Miss Alina asks for his poetry. She reads his poem about how important little things are in life and likes it.
  • Resolution-1

    Jenkins begins to act like himself by cracking a joke then he and Rodney say how they like Lonnie so they make him feel accepted and laugh together and find peace.
  • Resolution-2

    Jenkins wants to help himself . Lonnie wants to give back to the family that helped him and offers to help Jenkins stand up. Lonnie realizes he is getting stronger.
  • Resolution-3

    Lonnie realizes he's standing strong he notices it's spring time, a time of peace and courage for him and Jenkins. He realizes peace is coming slowly but surely like the flowers and bulbs the neighbor planted. Like a bulb that is planted in the ground survives the weather outside, even when it is harsh,Lonnie grew like that plant into a strong, beautiful, young man.