Paulo Londra

  • Birth

    Paulo Ezequiel Londra Farías better known as Paulo Londra was born 04/12/1998.
  • Childhood

    He went to a public school and almost all his classmates were aggressive and bullied him.
  • His first single

    His first single
    He released his first single in January 2017 which was "Relax".
    This song hit thirty-five million in six months of release.
  • His musical career

    His musical career
    The rejection of a contract from an international record company and months later he went to Colombia.
  • Swindle

    Ovy on the drums scam Paulo Londra making him not be able to release more songs until 2025.
  • Couple and daughter

    Couple and daughter
    Paulo Londra has been with Rocio Moreno (his girlfriend) since 2015.
    In 2020 his daughter named Isabella was born.