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Paul Martin

  • Birth of the Right Honourable one

    On August 28th, 1938 Paul Martin was born in Windsor, Ontario to Paul Joseph and Eleanor Alice. Paul Martin was one of of the two children his parents had.
  • Period: to

    Paul Martin

  • Graduation!

    Mr. Paul Martin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in history and philosophy from The University of Toronto. A wise man he must be!
  • Bye Bye Law School

    Bye Bye Law School
    IN the year of 1965 Mr. Martin also graduated from Law School. In this photo Paul is being rewarded with an honourary degree at the past graduation. Read about it in the link
  • You may kiss the bride!

    You may kiss the bride!
    1965 was a big year for Paul as he also married Sheila Ann Cowan. The two of them would go on to have three sons Paul Jamie and David
  • Taking charge!

    In July 1981 Paul Martin and a fellow partner bought out CSL and Power Corp. A company that Mr. Martin was employed by.
  • MP Status

    In the 1988 ferderal election, Martin celebrated as he was elected Liberal MP for the riding of LaSalle- Emard in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Mr. Money $

    Mr. Money $
    In 1993 when the Liberals won the election Mr. Martin was chosen to be the Minister of Finance
  • Financing is his thing!

    in 1999, Mr. Martin is named the inaugural chair of the Finance Ministers' within the G20.
  • Dropping out to move on up.

    In 2002 Mr. Martin resigned or was fired (still yet to be established) from being Minister of Fincances to begin working on his campaign to be PM.
  • And the nation is yours.

    And the nation is yours.
    In 2003 when Chretien dropped out Paul Martin jumped up to the plate to take power over the nation. With a well-planned campaign, Mr. Martin became Canada's 21st Prime Minister.
  • No more waiting!

    No more waiting!
    In 2004 Paul Martin made an agreement with the provinces to begin a $41 billion dollar program to help reform Canada's healthcare to improve waiting times and quality of work.
  • Big changes for all

    Big changes for all
    In July 2005, Mr. Martin passed a very big bill. In 2005, Paul passed the bill give the right to have a marriage with the same sex.
  • Helping the first nations

    In November 2005 Mr. Martin started re-establishing the safety of the first nations people and he passed the Kelowna Accord. Ensuring the safety of inuits through health care and more!
  • Hey, Hey, Hey. Goodbye!

    Hey, Hey, Hey. Goodbye!
    After a long-hard run at being PM, the Liberals lost in the 2006 election as the people of Canada wanted a change. Mr. Paul Martin was no longer on top.
  • Hell or High Water

    Hell or High Water
    October 2008 Paul Martin publishes his auto-biography about his time with politics and the hardships he had faced.