By ttc227
  • Rufus was born in 1807

  • Dana saved Rufus from the river

    Rufus was 4 years old
    Dana came back the past for the first trip to save Rufus from the river. She met Magaret. Rufus 's mother.
    Rufus' father, Tom, came and aimed a rifle at Dana
  • Dana saved Rufus from the fire

    Rufus was 8 years old
    After few minutes, Dana returned to rescured Rufus from the fire.
    Rufus showed Dana the way to go to Alice's home.
    Dana saw Alice's father was whipped by patrollers
  • Dana saves Rufus fallen from the tree

    Rufus was 12 years old
    He fell from the tree. Dana and Kevin came to help and called his father to take him home.
    Kevin let Rufus known Dana is his wife. They explain to Rufus about the future and California.
    Tom was gentle with Kevin
  • Dana saved Rufus from fighting with Isaac

    Rufus was 17 years old.
    Dana was called when Rufus fought with Isaac.
    Dana discovered Isaac and Alice were married and let them run away.
    Nigel helped Dana taking Rufus to go home.
    Rufus bought Alice from her escaped and Dana learned that Rufus loved Alice.
  • Dana rescured Rufus from the storm

    Rufus was 24 years old
    Rufus was sick for six days, his eyes was red , his head and legs hurt.
    Tom wanted Dana to take care of Rufus. Dana gave him some aspirins.
    Tom died of heart attack
    Dana discovered Hagar was born
  • Rufus showed Dana where Alice hung herself.

    Dana found Alice hung herself in the barn.
    Rufus wanted to rape Dana. She sunk the knife into Rufus' side.
    Nigel saw Dana's action.
    Dana traveled to the present.