p3 timeline

By boss 26
  • Brandt Todd Richards was born

    Todd was born in a house in Holden, Massachusetts. The exact date the doctor predicted. According to his mother it was the last predictible thing he did.
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    Brandt Todd Richards life

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    Todd Richards life

  • Todd gets his first Skateboard

    Right after Christmas break 1983 Wachusett high school freshman year. His neighbor had a skateboard that he did not use anymore so Todd asked if he could have it. It was his first ever skateboard.
  • Todd gets his first snowboard

    After Todd had gotten his skateboarding love he decided to get a Burton Backhill with rubber waterski bindings and no steel edges. Todd hated snowboarding the first few times he went. AFter a while though he loved it.
  • todd gets his first sponser by funky

    Todd gets his first snowboard sponser by funky snowboarders at the Funky/Bolle/Tenney Mountain Snowboard Bash. Todd was eighteen and finished fifth in the men's division.
  • Todd gets sponsered by Sims Snowboards,Inc

    Sims provided Todd with assorted goods. These consited of boards, bindings and related accessaries. In exchange for his best efforts snowboarding wise.
  • Todd gets his first photograph in a magazine

    Todd gets a photograph of him doing a streetplant in the October 1989 issue of International Snowboard Magazine.
  • Todd's father dies of a heart attack

    After returning home from Paxton on April 10 his dad wasn't feeling well. Todd thought that his dad had the flu, so he left and his mom came and helped him feel better. The day after on April 11 his father had died of a heart attack.
  • Todd wins the 1994 U.S. Open!

    Todd wins the 1994 U.S. Open by doing back to back 720s. It is considered to be a highlight of his career.
  • Todd goes to the 1998 Olympics

    Todd goes to his first ever Olympics. Todd is favored to take home the gold. He makes the finals but finishes in last at the end.
  • Todd gets married to Lindsy

    Todd gets married on April 12. He gets married to Lindsy Lozano.
  • Todd becomes a father

    Todd names his son Camden Thorne Richards. He was born on the 17th of June 2001. Todd becomes a father.
  • Todd breaks his arm

    On a quick trip before a meeting at Park city,UtahTodd broke his arm. He was trying a Fakie 540. During his down time he wrote this book.