Oscar Wilde

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  • Birth

    Oscar Wilde was born on november 30. 1900 in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Period: to

    Middle school

    Wilde attended Portora Royal School from 1864-1871.
  • Death of his sister

    In the spring of 1867, Wilde’s younger sister Isola died of a fever, which the family never recovered from. Wilde has his entire life carried an envelope with a lock of her hair in it.
  • Period: to

    Studied literature

    After middle school, Wilde studied literature in Dublin until 1874.
  • First publishment

    After graduating from Oxford, Wilde moved to London, where he kept focusing on writing poetry. In 1881 his first collection, Poems was published.
  • Marriage

    On the 29th of may 1884, Oscar Wilde married Constance Lloyd in St. James’ church in Sussex Gardens in London.
  • Period: to


    In 1885 he was sentenced to two years in prison because he had an affair with another young man.
  • Most famous literary piece

    Oscar Wilde’s most famous literary piece is called: “The happy prince and other tales,” and was published in 1888.
  • The only novel

    Oscar Wilde’s only novel: “The picture of Dorian Grey,” got published in 1891, and was in 2009 also made into a feature film.
  • Death

    November 30, 1900, Oscar Wilde died of meningitis in Paris, France.