Origins of The Cold War

By ssbmyn
  • Tehran Conference

  • Percentages Agreement

  • Period: to

    Dollar Diplomacy

    Jan- USSR requested a $6 bil loan
    May- Truman terminated the Lend-Lease
    August- Request for further loans were lost by the US state dept
    Dec- Soviets declined to join the IMF and World Bank
  • Yalta Conference

  • Tito's troops occupy Trieste

  • Period: to

    Potsdam Conference

  • US sent Marines to Manchuria

  • Kennan's Long Telegram

  • Evacuation deadline for Soviet troops in Iran

  • Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech

  • Actual Evacuation date of Soviet Troops in Iran

  • Baruch Plan

  • Clifford-Elsey Report

  • Rigged Elections in Romania

  • Creation of the Bizone in Germany

  • Truman Doctrine

  • Creation of COMINFORM

  • London Poles removed from Lublin Committee, Poland is completely under Communist control

  • Period: to

    Czechosovakia coup d'etat

  • Creation of Trizonia in Germany

  • Truman signed the Marshall Plan

  • Period: to

    Berlin Blockade

  • Creation of COMECON

  • Creation of NATO

  • Creation of Federal Republic of Germany

  • Creation of The German Democratic Republic

  • Signing of the Warsaw Pact by Communist countries