Oklahoma City Bombings

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In History
  • McVeigh Graduated High School

    Graduated in 1986
  • Army Life

    He enlisted in the army.
  • War

    He fought in the Persian Gulf War. He left the army after he failed to join special forces.
  • Ruby Ridge

    A shoot off occured between Randy Weaver and federal agents.
  • Waco Siege

    75 members died
  • Memorial

    The murrah building was torn down and the Memorial was built up in its place.
  • Day Bombing Occured

    Day Bombing Occured
    [On April 19th, 1995; ex army solider Timothy Mcveigh arrived at the Alfred P. Murrah building. He was about to commit mass murder.
  • Bomb went off

    At 9:02 am, the bomb exploded killing 168 and injuring hundreds more.
  • Mcveigh Captured

    Just 90 minutes after the inital bombing, McVeigh was arrested and in Jail. He was speeding and was caught with a concealed weapon.
  • Trial

    McVeigh was convicted of the 11 counts against him, which in return he was given the death penalty.
  • Finale

    McVeigh was executed by lethal injection. He stated that the bombings were premeditated and they were to take place two years after the Waco disaster.