Oedipus Timeline

Timeline created by PJS535
  • AD 1


    King Laius and Jocasta have a baby
  • 2

    The Prophecy

    King Laius and Jocasta learn that their son is going to kill his father and marry his mother
  • 3


    King Laius and Jocasta send their send to get exposed and pierce his ankles
  • 4


    The servant sent to expose their son gives him to a shepherd
  • 5


    The shepherd gives the baby to King Polybus and Merope and they name him Oedipus
  • 6


    Oedipus overhears from a drunk man that he is adopted and the King and Queen deny it
  • 7

    The Prophecy again

    Oedipus learns of the Prophecy
  • 8

    Running away

    Oedipus runs away from King Polybus and Merope to protect them
  • 9


    Oedipus kills King Laius and all but one of his servants
  • 10


    A sphinx takes over Thebes
  • 11


    A sphinx takes over Thebes
  • 12


    The people of Thebes make Oedipus their king
  • 13


    A plague that kills crops, livestock, and people looms over Thebes
  • 14


    Oedipus sends Creon to learn what they need to do to save Thebes and he says they need to kill or exile the person who killed King Laius
  • 15

    More news

    Oedipus sends for Tiresias the seer and they argue and Tiresias says that Oedipus killed King Laius
  • 16

    More arguing

    Oedipus argues with Creon and accuses him and Tiresias of conspiring against Oedipus
  • 17


    Jocasta tells Oedipus how King Laius died and Oedipus thinks that he killed someone like that
  • 18

    Even more news

    A messenger tell Oedipus that King Polybus is dead and Corinth wants Oedipus to be their king
  • 19

    Plot Twist

    Even though King Polybus is dead, Oedipus is still worried about marrying his mother. To this the messenger says that he has nothing to worry about because they weren't his real parents.
  • 20


    The messenger tell Oedipus that he was the one who gave him to King Polybus and Merope and that he got him from someone else.
  • 21


    After the messenger tell Oedipus that he got him from a servant of King Laius and Jocasta, Jocasta realizes that Oedipus is her son and she runs out of the room
  • 22

    Finding the Servant

    Oedipus orders the servant to be found and brought in for questioning.
  • 22

    Found him

    They find the servant and Oedipus asks him question about why he was trying to expose Oedipus as a baby. To this the now old man tries to pretend he doesn't remember, but the messenger keeps trying to remind him of the past.
  • 23

    Make him talk

    Oedipus threaten to torture the old man if he does not answer his questions.
  • 24

    You are their son

    Oedipus learns from the old man that he is King Laius and Jocasta's son.
  • 25

    She's Dead

    Jocasta hangs herself
  • 26

    Who turned out the lights

    Oedipus blinds himself
  • 27


    Oedipus blames the man who saved him from exposure and says that he should be killed.
  • 28

    Finish it

    Oedipus begs Creon to banish him to Cithaeron, but Creon wants to visit Apollo to know exactly what to do with Oedipus because he needs to be sure.
  • 29

    The children

    Oedipus tells his kids that they will be outcasts in society and won't be able to do things like participate in rituals or get married.
  • 30

    The End

    Creon is going to let Oedipus live out the rest of his days alone.