• odysseu's stuck on the island

    we learned that posiden hates odysseus and that Athene is trying to help him get off Kylpso's island, where he is stuck
  • people think he is dead

    meaniwhile back in Ithaka, everyone thinks odyssues is dead
  • poisiden wrecks ship

    finally, after seven years, Zeus sends down hemes to tell kalypso to let odysseu's go, he sets out on a raft, which posiden immediatly wrecks
  • odysseus was found on shore

    He makes his way to shore, where he is found by the princess Nausikaa. Ahe brings his to court, where he begs for mercy of the queen and is welcomed
  • odysseus fights the suiotrs and wins the battle

  • penelope has the bow contest only odysseus cam beat to see who deserves her