Obsolete item / Phones timeline

  • First Telephone Ever made

    First Telephone Ever made
    The first telephone ever made was invented by Alexander Graham Bell
  • Strowger

    First phone with the ability to dial out rather than going through an operator.
  • Rotary Phone

    Rotary Phone
    The Frankfut "Bauhaus" is created. It was known as the first version of the rotary telephone.
  • AT&T Picture Phone

    AT&T Picture Phone
    First picture/Video phone
  • First Mobile Phone

    First Mobile Phone
    The first mobile phone, known as the AEG Telecar CD, is created
  • First flip cell phone

    First flip cell phone
    The first flip cell phone, the Motorola MicroTAC9800X, is created.
  • First touchscreen phone

    First touchscreen phone
    The IBM Simon is created and is considered to be the first smart phone and touch screen.
  • First cell phone with a camera

    First cell phone with a camera
    The Sharp J-SHO4 becomes the first cell phone with a camera built in.
  • First Blackberry phone

    First Blackberry phone
    BlackBerry released the BlackBerry 5810 the company's first smartphone.
  • First iphone

    First iphone
    The first iPhone is created by Steve Jobs and Apple. The iPhone allowed for your phone to be an iPod, a telephone, and was able to have games known as "apps."
  • First Android

    First Android
    The T-Mobile G1 is created, becoming the first phone to use Google's Android operating system.