Novak Djokovic

  • Started Playing Tennis

    Started Playing Tennis
    Start playing tennis at age 4 and realized he had a talent and love for the sport of tennis. This impacted him because he was slowly getting noticed locally.
  • Was Sent to an Academy

    Was Sent to an Academy
    At age 13, Novak was sent to Pilic Academy in Munich, Germany to begin his international tennis career. This impacted him because he now had to work harder than ever and gave him the drive he needed to get to the last level which would be a professional.
  • Began Playing Professional

    Began Playing Professional
    This year Novak began his international career. This level was hard but he had a dream and he never gave up. People started to like him because he had such passion for the sport.
  • Won 5 ITF Tourtaments

    Won 5 ITF Tourtaments
    At age 16 Djokovic became 40th best Junior Tennis Player. He knew he could go further, and he wanted to go as far as possible.
  • On Serbian National Team

    On Serbian National Team
    Led Serbian National to first Davis Cup win. This had an impacrt on his life because he got noticed by coaches and players all around the world. Gained fans from his country of Serbia.
  • 43 Consecutive Win

    43 Consecutive Win
    The only player in the world to achieve a 43 straight win record. People were shocked by the record, gained fans all over the world because they saw how talented Novak was.
  • Won Wimbledon

    Won Wimbledon
    Novak beat Nadal in the Wimbledon finals 6-4, 6-1, 1-6, 6-3 for the 2011 title. People saaw he beat the previous number 2, impressed fans around the world and players were scared because they now knew he was a threat. He got lots of money. $$
  • Number 1!

    Number 1!
    Novak was now #1 in the world. Had the most fans internationally and was making the most profit and salary. People wanted to buy "Novak"attire.
  • Won Auatralian Open

    Won Auatralian Open
    Novak Djockovic won the Australian Open and the impact of this is people knew he could win more than once and it wasn't just a lucky run. He gained more fans than ever and lots of money being made in the industry.
  • Becoming 1 Again

    Becoming 1 Again
    Novak after falling to #2, was now #1 in the world again. He now had a solid hold on being the best in the world. He was the best the world had seen and everyone was considering themselves a Novak fan!