Notorious Psychopaths from around the globe

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In History
  • Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper
    An unidentified serial killer who brutally murdered an uncertain number of female prostitutes working in the slums of the East end of London. Slitted throats, extensive abdominal and genital-area mutilation, removal of internal organs were the Ripper's M. O.
  • Jolly Jane

    Jolly Jane
    Jane Toppan, a victim of parental substance abuse who was abandoned by her father at an orphanage. She earned her alias 'Jolly Jane' at Cambridge Hospital while training as a nurse. Including her foster sister, Toppan committed 31 murders by drugging her victims, laying with them and holding them close as they died. She stated that it was sexually thrilling to see patients being near death, coming back to life and dying again. Found guilty by reason of insanity she was hospitalized.
  • The Lipstick Killer

    The Lipstick Killer
    Despite being born into poor conditions and facing a chaotic family life, William Herirens, bypassed high school at the age of 16 showing remarkable brilliance by getting accepted into the university of Chicago. He murdered 3 victims and was known for leaving behind a lipstick-scrawled plea, "For heaven's sake, catch me before I kill more. I cannot control myself."
  • Demon Midwife

    Demon Midwife
    Miyuki Ishikawa is known for the infanticide of estimately 103 newborns. She graduated from university of Tokyo and later got married but bore no progeny. Working as a hospital director she was an experienced midwife who neglected numerous infants and let them succumb to death because their poor parents were unable to raise their children. She also hoarded payment for these murders and was given a 4 year sentence. This incident influenced the legalization of abortion in Japan.
  • The Co-ed Killer

    The Co-ed Killer
    Living with his divorced mother who constantly abused and tormented him, Edmund Kemper's first kill were his grandparents at the age of 15. Young Edmund had a high IQ of 145 and had killed about 10 victims among them was his mother whose throat he slashed during sleep. He stated, "I put (her decapitated head) on a shelf and screamed at it for an hour...threw darts at it." "That seemed appropriate," Kemper later said: "as much as she'd bitched and screamed and yelled at me over so many years."
  • Brazilian Dexter

    Brazilian Dexter
    Born with a defective brain as a result of his father's abuse towards his pregnant mother, Pedro Rodriguez Filho has killed approximately 100 victims. His first kill was a security guard and his father's boss at the early age of 14. Soon after, he murdered his dad for killing his mother by stabbing him 22 times, ripping his heart out and chewing it. He served most of his adulthood in prison and killed dozens of inmates to survive. Released from prison in 2018 and now runs a YouTube channel.
  • Angel of death

    Angel of death
    Harold Shipman an English GP who is recorded to have murdered 215+ patients majority of them being elderly women. He would administer legal doses of diamorphine, sign patients' death certificates, and then falsify medical records. He was sentenced to life imprisonment but he committed suicide one day before his birthday.
  • Hwaseong Murderer

    Hwaseong Murderer
    Lee Choon Jae, a South Korean serial killer with 45 victims eldest of his targets being a 71 year old grandmother and youngest being a 14 year old girl, targeted women wearing red, binded their wrists by ribbons, gagged, raped and strangled them with their own clothes. The police faced brutal bashment from the public due to which they tortured and coerced Yoon Sang Yeo, an innocent, into admitting to all murders and got imprisoned for 20 years until Choon Jae confessed to his crimes in 2019.
  • Kukri

    One of the deadliest serial killers known to history, Javed Iqbal murdered about 100 children. He sexually abused, strangled and then cut his victims into pieces and dissolved the parts into vat of acid. He kept meticulous records of his victims and was described as "a pampered child who developed bad habits in early age and later spent most of his life keeping a brigade of teenaged boys around him". He and his accomplices committed suicide before his execution.
  • Monster Killer

    Monster Killer
    Born to the poorest family in the village, Yang Xinhai, was a shy and introverted child. He dropped out of school at 17 and worked as a laborer instead. He confessed to 67 murders and 23 rapes and he's infamous for having carried out China's longest and grisliest killing spree.