Norse mythology

  • Odin created mjolner (01.03)

    Odin made thor mjolner, but loke had sabotaged the hammer. The handel was too short, but thor was exited, because it always came back.
  • Loki took Thor´s wife golden hair (00.45)

    Loki took Odin’s wife golden hair. It was no hair left. Odin treatened to break every bone in his body. He didn’t put the hair back, so he started breaking his bone
  • Intro (00.09)

    In the into are they talking about what assgaard is and where it was. He introduced us about Midgard, and the defender Thor
  • Builder built a wall in one winter(01.30)

    The builder started building a wall for odin. The builder and the horse built super fast, he built to fast. Odin tought he was a giant, and he was right. The gods finished the wall after thor killed the giant. They used alot more time and it wasn’t as pretty.
  • Thor´s son put his hand in fenrir´s mouth(02.00)

    Fenrir tried to brake a ribbon that the gods had made, the gods said if he broke the ribbon he could leave. Fenrir wasn’t sure that they would let him go, so he wanted a hand in his mouth. Thor and Odin didn’t trust him, so thor´s son put his hand in fenrir´s mouth.
  • Thor´s hammer was stolen(02.12)

    Thor didn’t think loki stole it, so he went to loki for advice. Loki met a oger and asked him if he had seen thor´s hammer. The oger had hid it deep in the ground. The oger said that he would give it back if he could marry Freya.
  • Loke turned in to Freya to get Thor´s hammer back(02.30)

    Loki turned in to Freya to get Thor´s hammer back, Thor dressed up az Freya’s maid. Loki was going to marry the oger. The oger asked Thor why Freya’s eyes was so evil. Thor didn’t answer. The oger ordered Mjolner up to Freya.
  • Odin sharpens giants swords(02.53)

    The giants were cutting the grass, but the swords was so blunt. Odin saw this and sharpened their blades. The blades was so sharp, they cut through everything. The giants wanted to buy the wetston, but odin challenged they insted. Every giant was dead after the challenge with the throat cut
  •  Thor´s journey to land of the giants(03.00)

    Thor and Loki came to the land of the giants with goats. The giants had only vegetables left. One of the giants was so hungry so he cut in to the goats bone and ate some of the bone marrow. He patched the cut with some old goat skin. Thor got very angry and threatened to destroy the village.
  • Skrymir told thor how he looked so big when he was sleeping(03.50)

    Skrymir and thor was talking. Thor asked who the huge sleeping giant was. Skrymir said it was him, he used metal wire and he used his magic to put a mountain between his face and mjolner.
  • An eagle laughed at Thor and Loki(04.10)

    Thor and Loki tried to make food, but the fire didn’t cook the steak. They heard someone laughing, they looked up and saw an ealge laughing at them. They asked if he knew how to make the fire cook the food. The eagle helped them, but when the steak was done, the eagle flew down and took one of the steaks.
  • Thor and heimir went fishing(04.50)

    Thor and heimer went fishing. Thor didn’t have bait, so he went at got som from the oxfield. Thor tok the favourite ox from heimir, he got very angry. Thor tied the ox to the line and dropped it in the water and caugt the jormungandr, the creature heimir was afraid of.
  • Thor tried to destroy heirs drinking cup for the giant couldron(05.05)

    Thor needed the giant couldron for making beer. He travled to Heimirs hall. Heimir said Thor could get the couldron if he managed to smash his cup, if he didn’t manage to break the cup Heimir would kill him. Thor accepted the offer. The first throw didn’t scratch the cup. Thor asked to have another go, Heimir said yes. Thor smashed the cup in Heimirs face, and the cup shattered
  • Balder gets killed by his blind brother(05.25)

    Balders mother threw a magic spell on Balder. The spell made him "unkillable". The gods didn't believe was him, they threw rocks, swords and spears at him, the objects dodged him. Balders brother was sad because he heard other people laughing, loki came to the brother and gave him a dart to throw at Balder. Balders brother followed loki and threw the dart. The dart killed Balder and the city was in tear
  • Loki hid as a salmon 05.55

    After loki "killed" Balder all the gods tried to catch him. Loki hid in the mouintais, but he saw the gods coming, loki hid as a salmon in the river, the gods looked every where, but then odin had the idea to search the river. And they did, they eventually catched loki and took him back to asgaard