Norman Conquest-Leonardo Vega

  • Period: Jan 1, 1016 to Jan 1, 1017


    In 1016, Cnut of Denmark invaded England. He eradicated all opposition in a pogrom in Winter 1017, and ruled thereafter with a combination of Danes and newly promoted English Earls who profited from the Danish Conquest.
  • Jan 1, 1042

    the throne

    Edward the Confessor fled to his father-in-law in Normandy. He finally regained the throne in 1042
  • Jan 1, 1066

    edward's death

    Edward the Confessor dies. Harold gambles and makes a bid for the Crown, supported by all the magnates of England. William does nothing, despite the so-called oath.
  • Jan 1, 1066


    Tostig comes to Flanders looking for aid in his projected bid against Harold Whether he makes a deal with William is a moot point, but certainly William sees this as his chance to invade He starts to gather his forces
  • May 1, 1066

    the call out

    ostig makes an abortive attempt to invade England Harold calls out the English levy the fyrd to defend against an expected thrust from William, but it never comes
  • Sep 20, 1066

    no more play

    After sailing up the Ouse with more than 10,000 men in 200 longships, Harald Hardrada and Tostig defeat the hastily assembled forces of Earls Edwin & Morcar at Fulford outside York The army of the Earls is decimated and Edwin & Morcar are unable to play any more part in the campaigns of 1066
  • Sep 25, 1066


    Harold responds by scraping together a scratch force made up largely of his own housecarls and personal followers and racing north, calling up the shire levies as he passes through In four days he has marched 180 miles and surprised the Norwegian army outside York at Stamford Bridge
  • Sep 28, 1066

    the wait

    Having sailed his fleet to St Valery sur Somme William waits for the wind to be in the right direction It changes 2 days after Stamford Bridge, and William's fleet makes landfall at Pevensey completely unopposed
  • Period: Oct 1, 1066 to Oct 12, 1066

    back in the game

    While at York, Harold learns of William's landing He marches back down Ermine Street stopping to pray at Waltham Abbey which he had founded on the way. By 12th October, he is back in London and gathering what forces he could to face William
  • Period: Oct 1, 1066 to Dec 1, 1066


    A state of war continues until Christmas 1066, when a deal is struck between William and the English magnates in which he guarantees their positions in return for their support. William is crowned King of England on Christmas Day in London by Archbishops Ealdred and Stigand. Edwin Morcar and Waltheof swear allegiance to him