• Krist Novoselcic

    Krist Novoselcic
    Krist Anthony Novoselic born.
  • Kurt is Birthed

    Kurt is Birthed
    Kurt Donald Cobain born.
  • Dave Grohl is born

    Dave Grohl is born
    David Eric Grohl born.
  • Nirvana first show

    Nirvana first show
    Nirvanas first gig inTacoma Seattle
  • New Member

    New Member
    Grohls first performance with nirvana
  • Smells Like teen Spirit

    Smells Like teen Spirit
    Smells LIke Teen Spirit is released
  • Nirvana hits the gold

    Nirvana hits the gold
    Nevermind goes Gold
  • In Utero

    In Utero
    In utero is released
  • The final show

    The final show
    The Final Nirvana show is played in Munich
  • Last Show

    Last Show
    The last show was at munich 1 in Germany
  • Kurt is hospitalized

    Kurt Cobain is hospitalized comatose
  • Kurt awakens

    Kurt awakens
    Kurt wakes from coma asks for a milk shake
  • Kurts Funeral

    Kurts Funeral
    Kurts funeral is held.
  • Reissued

    Courtney Love is low on money so she releases a remaster nirvana album because she still relies on her husband to make her money
  • Nirvana lives on

    Nirvana lives on
    Nirvana is inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.