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  • Birth date

    Born, Niels Henrik David Bohr in Copenhagen, Denmark.on the 7th of October 1885, to father Christian Bohr and mother Ellen Adler Bohr. He was the second of three children.
  • Student at Copenhagen University

    After graduating high school at age 17, Bohr enrolled into an undergraduate program at Copenhagen University in 1903. While there, he studied astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics and majored in Physics.
  • Master's Degree

    In April of 1909 Bohr earned his Masters degree in Mathematics.
  • Family life

    Bohr engaged Margrethe Norlund in 1911 and married her in august of 1912
  • Bohr Model

    Bohr Model
    Rutherfords atomic model wasn't appropriate theoretically Thus Bohr went further to make modifications that electrons could drop from higher energy orbit to a lower energy orbit and in the process emit a quantum of discrete energy. (Link to video
    He won the Nobel prize winner in physics 1922. retrieved from Nobel media AB 2019. Wed. 23 oct 2019.
  • Niels Bohr institute

    In 1918, Legislation establishing Niels Bohr's institute of a theoretical physics and finally opened on 03 march 1921. He was supported by the Danish government , Carlsberg foundations and contributions from private donors.
  • Nobel Prize

    The Nobel Prize of physics in 1922 was awarded to Niels Henrik David Bohr " for his service in the investigation of the structure of atoms and the radiation emanating from them" retrived from
    The Nobel Prize in Physics 1922. Nobel Media AB 2019.Wed.23 0ct 2019
  • New Theory

    Bohr created a new theory of compound nucleus in 1936 explaining how neutrons could be captured by the nucleus. In this model the nucleus could be deformed like a drop of Liquid. He worked on this with Fritz kalckar who died suddenly in 1938
  • Manhattan Project

    0n December 08, 1943 , Bohr arrived Washington DC. He met BG Leslie R. Groves Jr who was the current director of the Manhattan project, he also vissited Pauli and Einstein at the institute of advance studies in Princeton, New Jersey. For security reasons he went by the name "Nicholas Baker".
  • Return Home

    Bohr returned to Copenhagen on the 25th of Aug. 1945 after the war was over. He was elected president of the Royal Danish Academy of Arts and Sciences on September 21st 1945
  • Death

    After having a stroke, he died on November 18, 1962 in Copenhagen